Summer Manifesto

read lots and lots of books

get my small photography business going

do lots of crafts

do some around the house DIY projects

take Annabel on adventures

spend lots of time outdoors

see my family and friends as much as possible

work on the wedding planning

In the Blood by Lisa Unger

… we draw people into our lives. It’s as though we broadcast our deepest needs,
and certain people hear the signal somewhere in their own subconscious and heed the call.
For better or worse, we attract our teachers, our allies, and sometimes even our nightmares.
Some of us have louder signals.
Some of us have more sensitive receptors.

Such a good book!
There were some elements and mysteries that I was able to figure out right away
but there were others that just kept me guessing.

This novel follows the character Lana who has a secret.
There is a troubled, young boy.
There is murder and lies and a great story.

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I will for sure be picking up more of her novels.


The Kept by: James Scott

This novel follows the story of a mother and her son who leave their home to start again after the rest
of their family is murdered.

Elspeth and her son Caleb move into a new town to start their life again and when they arrive Elspeth’s past comes to light.
The truth behind her children and family.
The truth behind her own personal issues.

This novel has mystery and suspense.
It takes place during the 1890’s.

The first line of this book is “Elspeth Howell was a sinner”.
Elspeth is searching for redemption for her sins.
She going through life taking care of Caleb and basically waiting for karma to attack.
In this case, karma being God’s punishment.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

But I was not happy with the ending.


*not my photo

Still as Death by: Sarah Stewart Taylor

Another Sweeney St. George mystery.


Another good book in the series.

This one took place in a museum. It surrounded Egyptian artifacts and returning characters.
This novel (like all the others) is basically a double mystery.
Both concern museum thefts, one in the 1970’s and one in present day.
Sweeney works with the police and returning character Detective Quinn to solve both mysteries.

I think this may have been the one I enjoyed the most. Well, I can’t choose between this one and the first one (O’ Artful Death).

I”ll give it a 4/5.

The mystery/story is good.
I love the main character even though she irritates me with her personal life choices.

I think it’s a good thing when you can get mad at a character.
I think it means that you’re enjoying the book and really getting into it.

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The Old Man and the Sea by: Ernest Hemingway

I read this over vacation on Key West.
Super appropriate since Hemingway had a home in Key West and this book involves fishing, Cuba etc.

This book was, well, interesting.

I had no idea that it was a chapter-less book.
Only 127 pages. It was a quick read.

This story is about an old man (obviously) who is battling a large fish throughout the book.
It is about his inner struggle as well.

I would say that this story is a symbolism of fate.
[I could be completely off]

If you’re looking to get in a classic, go for it.
As for me, I think I’m done reading Mr. Hemingway.



Don’t Look Back by:Karin Fossum

I found another series to add to my collection.
Karin Fossum is an author from Norway whose mystery novels have been translated to English.


This novel follow Inspector Sejer who is the lead investigator of the murder of a young girl in a small village.

Although it’s the typical mystery novel, it is a good one.
Through the investigation more is revealed about the members of the village and the deceased’s family.

The rest of the series follows Sejer as well.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 and I have plans to get the rest of them read.

These Things Hidden by: Heather Gudenkauf


Another book I’ve enjoyed lately.
(My 21st of the year).

I read Gudenkauf’s first novel a few years ago (The Weight of Silence) and enjoyed that one as well.

Her novels follow multiple characters who all have their own story.

In These Things Hidden Allison is the main character who at the beginning of the novel is just released from prison.
I won’t say why she was there because part of the novel is the revealing of this.
Other characters include her sister Brynn.
A mother of an adopted boy, Claire and
another young woman Charm.

Throughout the story you learn how the characters are connected and how their lives intertwine without
them knowing one another.

Some people might say this book is too sad or dark, but I guess that’s just what I like.

But I feel that the story shows how there can be good in the bad.
And how second chances are important.

I would rate this, along with her first novel, a 4.5/5.