marine girlfriend

T – minus

9 days!!!

I’m so excited! I’ll probably be going crazy all day on Friday when Danny is supposed to be home.
I got off work everyday he is supposed to be here and we’re going to have a great weekend together.
And he found out he’ll be home for Thanksgiving. Twice in one month!!! That’s so wonderful! I’m trying to stay busy until next Friday. But all I can think about is how anxious and excited I am and how close we are. I can’t even begin to imagine how excited I’ll be after his deployment.

I’m getting so sick of all the rain from the hurricane but I’m so lucky that that is the only thing I have to complain about.

I’m in the tenth week of the semester, five more to go. And then only one more semester! Craziness!!!

Another day down…

I feel like I’m going crazy because I’m getting so excited to see Danny!
It’s been 18 days since he told me he was coming home to visit, and we still have 18 more to go!

Sooo we’re half way there!!! But no matter how busy I try to be I still feel like I’m just constantly trying to rush the time!
I basically have a to-do list for every single day.

I started yoga on top of my couch to 5k. And it was more difficult than I thought it would be. And I’m not as flexible as I used to be 😦
Hopefully that will change though. I hope I’m doing everything right. I’m sore so at least I know I was getting a work out.

I’m pretty much on top of things with school. I’m all caught up and I could work ahead,
but then what would I do in November?

There’s a stressful situation going on at school in the Anthropology department so that’s also weighing on my mind.
I will feel so much better once that is resolved!

It’s just difficult to stay so busy to the point that I’m distracted.
And some times it difficult to simply be happy. Lately at work the stress level has been through the roof.
It doesn’t take as much as it used to get me pissed off and ready to scream.
I keep thinking “oh maybe after some rest I’ll feel better” and things like that, but nope.
This isn’t even the deployment yet. I can’t imagine what seven months will be like.
I’m just hoping I’m stuck in a negative funk and I’ll work my way out of it soon.


Sometimes I just want to rant. My boyfriend is active duty right in the Marines right now. He is stationed states away from me and will be deployed for 7-8 months in January. When we first started dating he was in the reserves and I allowed myself to dismiss the fact that this could happen, and I’ve been mad at myself for doing that. I was devastated when he found out he would be going active. He’s always wanted to and I tried to be supportive but it was so shocking it was difficult to be happy for him. For now he still has his phone so we can text and call which I’m very thankful for, but I have no idea what it will be like when he’s deployed. I feel confident that we will survive it and come out stronger though.

We met online, my manager pushed me to use a dating site and he was using it because he worked 80 hours a week. I had multiple dates set up including one with my now boyfriend Danny, and for some reason I decided to blow everyone off but Danny before I even knew we would work out. We talked on the phone for three weeks. Our first date/the first time we met in person he took me to an aquarium, to dinner and on a nice walk. Our date lasted almost 12 hours. I didn’t want to leave and he didn’t want me to. He was so excited that I told him I wanted a second date. Two days later we were on our second date and I was his girlfriend 🙂 I was so happy and even though it was really fast it was wonderful and has been ever since…except him being gone.

Technically he’s not even deployed yet and this is so difficult. There’s days when I have no motivation and I’m just flat out sad. I can’t even use my school work to keep me busy no matter how much I have. Some things I enjoy are just not as enjoyable anymore because I’m always dwelling on him being gone. And evenings/nights are the absolute worse. I can try to stay fairly busy during the day with class, homework and work. But evenings/night completely drag; when I’m done with everything I need to do for the day and it’s too early to go to bed I find myself going crazy. I can only read and crochet and do other hobbies so much. I try not to let myself cry or anything like that because I’m sure I’ll be doing plenty of that when he is deployed.

One thing keeping me going is that he gets to come home and visit for a few days. And I’ve only got 32 days left to go!