December Sum Up

Spending time with friends and family

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas shopping

Wrapping gifts

December Daily craft

Six month anniversary of my new job

Seeing my grandma surrounded by all her loved ones

Snowed in evening

Spending lazy weekend days with Annabel



This week has started off rough.

My grandmother is in the hospital and it’s not looking good at all.

Now that I’m starting to get better from a crazy cold I’ve had, Danny is now extremely sick.

I’m glad it’s Wednesday – I wish it was Friday though. I need it to be the weekend!

monday monday monday

It was so unbelievably difficult to get this week started.

I was on the go all weekend even though I was sick.
Friday night Danny and I stayed in – due to me being sick.
He had drill all weekend so Saturday I got a lot of Christmas shopping done with my friend.
And that night I got together with my girlfriends from school.
It was nice getting to catch up with all my friends in one day.


Sunday I did even more shopping with my mom.
And now I’m almost completely done.
And so far everything I have is wrapped.
[I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks!]


I was so excited for Danny to come home Sunday night (and of course so was Annabel). I wish we had more time together though.
So it’s Monday and I’m already excited for us to have next weekend together.

my weekend

Over the weekend Danny and I ran errands.
We had a very successful trip to GoodWill.


And I love our new rocking chair.

photo 3
[He’s waiting for me to pull the car around]

We went out with our friends to Granite City – a new bar/restaurant.

photo 1

We also had Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house.
I’m really glad Danny got to go; and that he gets along with my family very well.

photo 5

And of course Sunday was football day.

photo 4

My mom got me a bunch of bridal magazines some new and some old from people she knows.
She also got me a wedding planner/binder.


It was a good weekend.


Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions … where to start … at the beginning because as I am creating a new family with Danny and we don’t have any.
We spent this time last year together but he was taking leave from deployment and so the holidays were a little hectic and in the back of my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about him leaving to go overseas.

So before the holidays get here (I’m mostly concerned with Christmas) I want to think of some traditions to start.
I plan on carrying on some that I have from my parents and from his parents but I want something new.

I’m thinking of a special breakfast Christmas morning and maybe watching A Christmas Story Christmas Eve night.

[Another hectic thing – thinking of how we’re going to make our schedules mesh.
How we’re going to get to all the families/parties etc]

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Anything quirky that you haven’t heard of others doing?

IMG_1134 IMG_1135


[photos from 2012]

around here

This weekend went by way too fast. I didn’t even really get a weekend. I ended up working both Saturday and Sunday for basically nothing. It’s a lot of overtime which is great but I really missed getting to hang out with Danny and do things that needed done around the house.

IMG_1153  IMG_1150

I love these two!


His and hers entertainment.


I got Danny some crazy straws because “everything tastes better with a crazy straw”.



And now here I am back to work on Monday at 7am – in the middle of my twelve day stretch!

Marine Corps Ball

So this past weekend was my first Marine Corps Ball.
I hadn’t been to a dance like this since high school.
It was nice to see the ceremony (Danny was a part of the sword detail).
It was nice to be a part of something important and to celebrate all the Marines who have done so much for this country.


Of course I loved seeing him in his uniform.