One Little Word: January

To stay focused on my one little word I plan on sharing how it worked for me monthly.
I will share what I focused on or maybe share a story of how I used the word.

This month Danny’s family went through something terrible. It was definitely a test of focusing on the good. But it was easy to focus on what is important – family.

There were some days where the temperature reached -30 degrees! It was miserable! But the good in that – lots of time spent in our warm home cuddled up with Annabel.

We made a lot of updates to the home. It was a little overwhelming, expensive and we were put out of the norm for a few days. But the house is looking great!


Five Year Journal

I added this to my wishlist awhile ago and I finally caved and ordered it.
I really hope I can push through and finish this entire book.

There is such a small space to write for each day that I’m hoping it will help me
focus on what is really important (back to my one little word).

DSC_0003 DSC_0006 DSC_0007

And there’s a book log in the very back – too cool!

One Little Word: 2014

I have discovered a new concept: One Little Word

Here is a post from Ali Edwards that explains it all:

Basically you choose one word to live by through the year.
Or one word to help you accomplish goals or better yourself.
Or basically one word for whatever you wish.

I’ve seen others do this (for example:

It took me some time to decide on my word.
But I hope to incorporate it into my everyday life as much as possible.
I’ll be sharing some of it on the blog of course and maybe adding it into some of my crafts through the year.

So for 2014 my one little word is FOCUS.


Focus on the good

Focus on the moment

Focus on what is important

Focus on happiness

Focus on my health

Focus on my goals




I want to stay positive through 2014.
I feel like this year will bring me lots of changes and I know with changes come frustrations.
I will be planning a wedding and Danny will be gone for months.
Those are the two things that may get me frustrated and stressed out-
especially Danny being gone.

This word is one of my new goals and with this word I want to focus on my goals-it’s quite the circle.

Here’s to 2014 and focusing.