These Things Hidden by: Heather Gudenkauf


Another book I’ve enjoyed lately.
(My 21st of the year).

I read Gudenkauf’s first novel a few years ago (The Weight of Silence) and enjoyed that one as well.

Her novels follow multiple characters who all have their own story.

In These Things Hidden Allison is the main character who at the beginning of the novel is just released from prison.
I won’t say why she was there because part of the novel is the revealing of this.
Other characters include her sister Brynn.
A mother of an adopted boy, Claire and
another young woman Charm.

Throughout the story you learn how the characters are connected and how their lives intertwine without
them knowing one another.

Some people might say this book is too sad or dark, but I guess that’s just what I like.

But I feel that the story shows how there can be good in the bad.
And how second chances are important.

I would rate this, along with her first novel, a 4.5/5.


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