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catching up

Annabel enjoyed her Saturday morning news.


And of course her and Danny had play time.


I painted this shelf and our flowers are doing awesome.
Their scent is so strong!


Danny’s nephews are too cute.


We had a family party.
We played volleyball for hours.
It was pretty serious.


This is our attempt at a family photo.


And another shot of the pup.
She’s the best.

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Around Here: just a little update

DSC_0002 DSC_0004

Of course Annabel is too cute.


Danny and I ran some errands over the weekend and we got some flowers and cacti for the house.
I’m trying to brighten up the house for spring.

I also started rearranging some decorations and switching around picture frames.

DSC_0010 DSC_0012

Annabel absolutely loves her Frisbee.
The whole  fetch thing is still a little difficult for her though.
She likes to pretend she’s going to give it to you then run away.


DSC_0018 DSC_0019

These are photos from Mother’s Day.
I’m glad we got to see everyone and that it was so nice out!

DSC_0020 DSC_0021

Memory Jar

I wanted to think of a cool name for this, I couldn’t think of one so I’m calling it a memory jar. 


These are just rocks, coral and seashells that we collected at Key West.
The beaches were really rocky compared to others we’ve been to and there weren’t that many shells.

I got the jar from Target in their fabulous “junk section” that is up front.
It was only $1! (and I grabbed a few more for other projects)

I just added a tag to label it and ta-da!

It’s sitting on our bookshelf in the living room with our Key West photo.


completed ‘love’ bookshelf

The bookshelf is finally done!
100% done!


I took a Saturday a couple weeks ago when we had a heat wave (it was 40 degrees)
and painted it in the garage. Before that we tried to use
white spray paint and it just didn’t look good. I think it was the quality of the paint and so I just used left over ceiling paint instead.
I used a roller for most of it and then a brush for the spots where the roller couldn’t fit.

I’m sure I’ll be moving things around on there and adding to it.
But for now this will do.

I’m glad we can finally use it. I learned my lesson though. No outdoor crafts unless it’s summer.


Although Danny was gone through the whole weekend it was still a good one. My friends came over on Friday to celebrate my birthday and I spent all day Saturday hanging out with Annabel and reading. It was the first day in months that I didn’t leave the house. I also finally painted the bookshelf that Danny built for me. Sunday I went shopping with my mom and sister. We got some wedding ideas and found some good deals for wedding stuff.


I can’t wait to get the bookshelf in our bedroom!


Annabel fell asleep on me while I was reading.
It’s so hard to train her to stay off the furniture because she is so needy and cuddly.
And cute so I can’t say no.


She also was sleeping with her paw on my hand.


Having everyone over on Friday night really wore her out.
She’s so cute when she’s calm and sleeping.

Love Bookshelf

I’ve seriously been looking forward to making this bookshelf for months. And since Danny and I don’t really have any Valentine’s Day plans (he is working) I figured we could do a project together!

DSC_0019 photo (9)

It took us two different days to put it together.
Not because of difficulty, we were just busy.

And we even had to move inside eventually because even though we were in the garage it was
below zero and way too cold for me to be able to be out there and help.

photo 1

(Had to use my photo timer app for this ^)

photo 3

And here is the somewhat finished project.
We still have to paint it.
We’re going to paint it white to go with our bedroom.


I can’t wait to finish it and finally get to decorate it and use it!
I’ll have an update once that happens.
Danny is the best 🙂

photo 4

And of course sweet Annabel spent time with us.

p.s. happy valentine’s day!
remember it’s not just for couples, but for celebrating any one of your loved ones – parents, friends, children etc.

new bedroom walls

Our bedroom has finally been painted.

Before there was horrible, out dated 80’s wallpaper.
It was so difficult to remove that we ended up having the contractor (Danny’s family) do that as well.

I wanted our bedroom theme to be orange and gray.
So we’ve got the gray walls.
We have gray and orange bedding but it’s too cold for it now.


The bedroom seems so much bigger and nicer because of the paint.

We also removed part of the vanity – there used to be spools up to the ceiling.
We still have to recover the vanity top but the room is looking so much better.