lunch break photo session

In a previous post I discussed how disappointed I was in myself for not taking more photos last year- (of the artistic kind. Not photos of vacation or parties etc). And now I have vowed to step up my game. Danny surprised me with a subscription to a digital photography magazine and there is always a spread/story with tips about different types of photography. This past month black and white photos were the focus. Ever since I saw the photos in that spread I wanted to get outside and take some of my own. The only problem was we were hit with that polar vortex and -30 degrees is not good for adventuring out and taking photos. (cheers to the photographers who brave the harsh weather!) And can I just take a moment to mention that I absolutely hate winter! But I was too tempted to get some snowy black and whites. (Not to mention – taking more photos is part of my 25 before 25. Which you’ll see a post next month). So I now have a few photos to share. Not all were good enough as black and whites though.

DSC_0007ed1 DSC_0009ed1 DSC_0009ed2 DSC_0009ed4 DSC_0010ed1 DSC_0012ed1 DSC_0012ed2 DSC_0012ed3 DSC_0012ed4

And obviously I couldn’t tell which ones I liked the best.


Springfield Lake

These are some old photos that I have taken over the years at this lake.
They are favorites that I wanted to share. This place has meant a lot to me while growing up.
I spent a lot of time at this lake with many different people.
I love when photos can bring back memories – even the bad ones because you can look back and see how far you have come.

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