October Sum Up

Getting engaged!

Sharing the news with our family and friends!

Danny’s one week vacation!

Brandon and Kortnie’s wedding!

The Pretty Reckless concert!

Going to the pumpkin farm!

Party with my wonderful girlfriends!

Rereading The Great Gatsby! 

Getting back into reading in general!

Finally getting a date night with Danny!

Got my own office at work (I still have yet to move in though)!

October went by so unbelievably fast! and was so unbelievable wonderful!


I have such a love/hate relationship with Sundays.
I can’t help but spend the day dreading Monday and the rest of the work week ahead.
But slowly Sundays are becoming good days – as long as I keep the dread at bay.

Recently every Sunday as soon as I get up I throw together a crock pot meal. Which is extremely convenient.
The nice hot meals are great and really make it feel like fall.

Sunday is also football day – watching games and keep up with fantasy.
Along with catching up on any crafts that I’m working on.
Danny and I have started making bets on our fantasy teams.
I lost last weekend and ended up having to buy him a new iPAD case.
I refuse to lose again though!

Annabel usually gets a walk on these days. I can’t get anything done
sometimes because she is just so rowdy!!! So we go on
little adventures around the neighborhood.

Sundays are my regrouping day.
All chores are done and errands are ran on Saturdays as much as possible.
I need my Sunday to be spent at home, to catch up on relaxing and being lazy.
To have a day where my mind is calm and I am stress free.


Danny and I are engaged!!! I’m so excited – but I totally knew it was coming.


He doesn’t want to share the story of how I found out he bought me a ring,
but I think it’s funny and I see no problem sharing it.

In the beginning of October when we went to our friends’ wedding and he was the best man,
he got extremely drunk and told me he bought me a ring.


Once I revealed to him that he spilled the beans he was pretty mad.
At first I wished I could take it back and pretend I knew nothing
but I think it’s hilarious and something we’ll look back on
and laugh about forever.

But on October 19th we put an offer in on a second house and
when we got back home he got down on one knee in our cozy little kitchen and asked me to marry him.


Even though I knew it was coming I’m still in shock.

We will be getting married on Halloween of 2015. So I have plenty of time to plan and get all that craziness done.

I’m so excited to take this step with him.


Love & Marriage

It’s that time of year, and that age of life – where weddings are a very very common occurrence. I’ll have gone to three weddings in a span of two months. I love weddings – the love, the dancing, the food and drinks – but I’m over it for now.

Last night was a little crazy and to sum it up I’m lucky Danny didn’t get sick in my new car. But he was the best man and he had a really sweet speech and he looked great in his bow tie.

I also had to leave right before the wedding started because Annabel ended up getting bit or stung by something and she had an allergic reaction. One side of her mouth was so swollen!  I was really worried about her but she looked so funny!

Other than that all was great.

photo 1  PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage3  DSC_0011


September Sum Up


Ah September. I’d like to take a moment to look back at this month and all the great things about it.

1. Spending time with Danny. He finally finished all his Marine Corps work (for now).

2. My family reunion was this month and I’m glad Danny got to go and that he is so accepted in my family.

3. Making progress on the house.

4. Luke Bryan concert

5. Browns games party

6. Starting ‘crocheting season’

Drunk on You & High on Summertime

Danny and I attended the Luke Bryan concert Friday with two of our friends.

When we first started dating Danny used to sing the song “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan to me all the time. It was kind of ‘our song’. I like country music but I’m more of a rock/metal/punk girl and Danny basically only listens to country. I bought us these tickets as soon as my friend asked us to go. Danny has never been to a concert before. He’s 23! I think that is so crazy! We had planned on going to another one last year … but someone got deployed.

The concert was so much fun and although it was a little cold, the weather was perfect!

IMG_0812 IMG_0817 - CopyIMG_0820

IMG_0826 IMG_0833

It’s the little things

Danny is gone Monday through Friday every week for the Marine Corps. It’s lame but a whole lot better than deployment.
My weeks drag by, and I am always so excited for him to come home Friday evening. I’ve been thinking about and planning this weekend since last weekend-when he ended up being out of town Saturday and some of Sunday as well.

First off, I love this picture.
IMG_0772(a lot of my pictures will probably come from Instagram –
which you can see some of my feed on the left and my username is carolmariee)

Danny came home for one night this week and we relaxed together and watched World War Z – which was actually a really good movie. And I put him to work being my yarn assistant.

Saturday: My mom bought me a crock pot recently and everyone is under the insistence that I learn to cook, especially Danny. So my mom figured a crock pot is super easy (does it even count as cooking?) and that at least I could start there; and with fall coming it’s kind of perfect. So my first experiment/meal was chicken and egg noodles. It was a success and everyone wanted more!

Sunday: My parents had us over for a mini cook out. And of course Sunday=football. Both my dad and Danny are really into it and Danny is into fantasy football this year so we are all about football. And when I say “we” I don’t exactly mean me.

This week is Danny’s last week of being gone and I’m so excited!!!

So it’s the little things – like having a weekend with loved ones and spending time at home that makes me happy.