Mansions of the Dead by Sarah Stewart Taylor

This is the second installment of the Sweeney St. George books.
The main character, Sweeney, is a professor of Art History who specializes in grave stones
and she helps to solve mysteries with her expertise.
This novel is about the murder of one of her students who is from a prominent family.
There are historical and murderous discoveries.

There is some politics in this story as well.


I also read the first book (O’ Artful Death) and although the author isn’t the best I’ve read, the stories are good.
I enjoy the mysteries and the history and information used throughout the stories.
These aren’t historical fiction but it’s always nice to enjoy a book and also learn some stuff while you’re at it.
(Plus these take me back to my archaeology & anthropology classes).

The first novel was better than this one for sure. But I know I’ll continue with the series eventually.

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