about me

May 13, 2014


It has been one year since I moved out of my parents’ home and into Danny’s.
(Which is now ours).

I moved in two months (exactly) before Danny came home from his deployment with the Marines.


I can’t even describe how the time has gone. It feels like I just moved
and yet it feels like it’s been years since Danny came home.

Within this year we’ve finished a deployment (well he did – you know what I mean).
I started a new job and we got Annabel.
Got engaged!
Along with a ton of other little things.

It was definitely the best decision ever.

I feel 110% at home there.

Danny is awesome – our life together is awesome.

the end.


(^^ June 2012)

25 by 25 update

Here is my progress for my 25 by 25.
Some of course are still in progress.
The italicized ones I think I’m going to just pass on.
The ones that are in progress I’m doing really well with and I’m happy with them.

I have finished reading 14 books for this year. I reached that goal at the end of February/beginning of March.
I really should have aimed for a higher number but I had no idea that it would be so easy!

1. Start running again.

2. Read at least 14 books for 2014.

3. Book a wedding hall.

4. Create ‘love’ bookshelf with Danny for Valentine’s Day.

5. Take more art photographs.

6. Create a large black and white photo for living room wall space.

7. Save money!

8. Continue with my 5 year diary – every day.

9. Get table decorations for wedding reception.

10. Pay off a certain amount of student loans.

11. Create more Project Life spreads.

12. Take Annabel on a hike.

13. Paint pots.

14. Don’t let Danny’s absence get me down.

15. Get a wedding dress – at least pick it out.

16. Complete Danny’s wedding gift. (super excited for this)

17. Finish our first home mini book.

18. Make a summer mini book.

19. Stop biting my nails.

20. Buy a new couch.

21. Grow out hair for wedding.

22. Try something new.

23. Find a church (for the wedding).

24. Get custom rubber stamp for Danny and I.

25. Enjoy life.

24 random things about me!

Since I’m about to be 24 years old (in two weeks) – here’s 24 random facts about me:

1. Hoodies are my favorite clothing.

2. I love painting my nails – but I always pick off the polish.

3. I must sleep with a light or the television on.

4. I am addicted to pop.

5. I am a list fanatic.

6. I have to have cream and sugar in my coffee.

7. I’m lactose-intolerant, but ice cream and cheese are some of my favorite foods.

8. Children make me anxious.

9. I’m terrified of deep water/swimming.
(I can’t go under water without plugging my nose!)

10. I don’t like cake or pie.

11. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

12. I am a book collector of sorts.

13. I don’t like the number thirteen.

14. One of my long term goals is to live in the country.

15. I love scary movies, but I get scared so easily.

16. I could watch Law and Order: SVU for hours even if I’ve already seen the episodes multiple times.
(To be honest I do this all the time).

17. I get cravings for cold food.

18. I HATE mornings but yet still like to get up early to get things done.

19. McDonald’s hotcakes are one of my guilty pleasures.

20. I always have to be covered up when sleeping.

21. I cried during the new Budweiser – puppy commercial.

22. I still wear clothes from when I was 16 years old.

23. I hit my snooze at least three times every morning my alarm is set.

24. I have curly hair which I used to hate, so I would straighten it all the time.
I have now embraced the curly hair and life is easier!