The Weight of Blood by: Laura McHugh

Sticking with mystery novels-of course. This novel is about two different disappearances a generation apart. It takes place within a small town and everyone’s lives are intertwined. The chapters jump from character to character and that aspect really helped with keeping up the suspense and keeping me anxious to find out what happens/happened (the stories are a generation apart). It’s like reading two different mystery stories in one novel.


It was a fairly short book, only 302 pages.
The reviews compared McHugh to Gillian Flynn who wrote Gone Girl.
(Which I loved!)
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I enjoyed the author’s writing style but there was no struggle or
annoyance with it.

I gave it 4.5 stars.

And now I want to live near the Ozarks. I want to have a big farm and sit outside on the porch during thunderstorms.
I also want to watch Twister.


a man with clean nails hides his dirt on the inside

** not my photos


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