May 11, 2014


It has been one year since I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s Degree.

Life has changed so much since then and I can’t believe it has already been a year.

It feels like just yesterday I was counting down for it to be over.

And now sometimes I miss it.

And Happy Mother’s Day!


goals: don’t rush yourself

Do you ever rush yourself into a goal? Or rush yourself to reach a goal?

Story of my life.

My current (biggest) goal is strictly financial: pay off school loans

I’m sure you’ve seen the news articles about how ridiculous school debt is for some graduates. Although I would not put myself in the extreme at all – I still feel as though I am in a ton of debt (because, well, I am). For what seemed like the longest time the debt felt like the world on my shoulders. It was the biggest stress in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is still stressful and there is still a lot of debt. But honestly that is the only thing I have to remotely worry about. I can afford my bills, I live in a nice house, I have a nice car and a job that some people would kill for. Life is good.

I’ve been rushing myself to reach this goal; ridiculously pushing myself to pay off thousands of dollars.
But why rush? – I know that may sound crazy. You may be saying “uh, what about the interest?!” But honestly I’ve changed up my spending patterns. I’ve begun to really question myself when shopping – “do I really need that?” “Is it worth the money?” etc. This has helped me tremendously. I’m not in credit card debt or anything like that, I’m not addicted to shopping. But asking those questions and making better decisions as to what to buy or when to buy something has really helped me. It has allowed me to pay more than my monthly required payments a.k.a. more than the minimum.

So instead of rushing myself and beating myself up, I remind myself that I’m doing the best I can at the fastest pace I can.
I remind myself that I’m not making stupid decisions and that I’m sticking to my priorities. I guess you can say that I’m looking at my situation in a positive light. I could be making way less money, I could be in double the amount of debt that I am. I am thankful that I was able to get a degree. I loved school – I loved the majority of my classes and I made awesome friends.

I have Danny to thank for a lot of the progress I’ve made. He is very good with finances – money and investing. He keeps me motivated and on track with my goal.

Since there are so many people out there with school loans … or hell, any other debt, here’s some tips that work for me:

1. Plan ahead!!! I love doing this. I’m a total list person. If you’re someone who knows how much they’re
going to make every paycheck this is a great idea!  I always plan out what bills I’m going to pay
each pay day. That way I know how much I have left over after my bills are paid. And it’s a way to keep an eye
on when bills are due so maybe you can shift some payments around and get more out of a paycheck and/or
have the opportunity to save more.

2. Sleep on it! Think you really need that purse or shoes? Think again.
Sleeping on it is always a good idea.

3. Make two payments a month. This is specifically for things that are gaining interest.
It helps to cut down on that. Another thing that goes with this is pay off all your interest ASAP.
One of my loans had a couple hundred dollars in interest (ugh!) so I paid off all the interest so that every payment I made after that
would hit the principle. Of course it’s gaining interest daily, but now I can make payments that cover the total interest every
time and pay off some of the principle.

4. Pay off the smallest loan/credit card etc first. It is also good to concentrate on the one with the most interest.
Those two things happen to be the same for me. When you pay off the smallest it keeps you
motivated to keep going. It’s like you’ve made progress so why stop now?

5. Stop eating lunch out at work. Stop buying coffee on your commute. It doesn’t seem like you’re spending
much at the time but add it up over the month and it can be a serious chunk of change.
It may even help you to track every penny you spend in a notebook or something for a few weeks so you can see how much
of a dent you’re putting in your bank account due to all the little expenses.

So wow, that was a lot of rambling. Glad I got it out there!

Just a note – I’m totally not a financial adviser, accountant etc. I took accounting in high school (yes I got an A+ but still) and I majored in Biological Anthropology = no financial classes at all.

Half Way There

I don’t really know half way to where … I don’t even know where I’ve been or where my time is going.

But I’ve made it half way through October. Not that I’m rushing time or anything but I want out of this funk. 

Recently work has been a complete drag.

I think it’s partially because there hasn’t been a lot of work to do. I’ve been ahead for about two weeks now. I’m not rushing through anything but sometimes tasks are so simple they take half a day and I’m stuck twiddling my thumbs.
Since there isn’t enough work to keep me busy for all eight hours I have been getting so sick of the same old routine. Trying to look busy – trying to find something to do. Don’t get me wrong, sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it is awesome – but it definitely gets old. Even as I type this I’m at work!

After work my routine is the same as well but that’s okay because I enjoy it and it keeps me busy and entertained.
I drive the thirty minutes home and I’m always greeted by sweet Annabel. Danny is working nights so he’s home when I get there – sleeping. His third shift sucks! But we always get to have dinner together and hang out before he leaves for the night.

Annabel is crazy hyper when Danny isn’t there at night – I don’t know what it is. She’ll sleep with me for a couple hours then it’s play time but when Danny is home she sleeps through the night with us. So lately I’ve been having to put her in her crate in the middle of the night. I feel bad but I sure do sleep a lot better and it’s not so hard to get up in the morning.

I hope to get back to more crafts soon – and hopefully some fall photography sessions. And I’ll be starting a new blanket ASAP – hopefully tonight!


Yes! Another month closer to D coming home!
And this month I’m graduating (in 10 days) and moving out. I’ve had two days at my new job and so far so good!

I’m so excited for the things to come!
I’m enjoying this nice weather.
I’m looking into some new crafts/DIY projects for the new place.
I’ve got two essays to write and two finals to take and then I am completely done!

Here are some spring photos!


uh … oops

How can I even begin to catch up from where I left off here??? I guess I can start with the basics:

1. There are currently less than 100 days until D is home from deployment.

2. There are 22 days until I finally graduate!

3. I am currently working out my last two weeks at Walgreens before starting my new job! Which means more pay, new city and new home!

4. I’ll be moving out in about a month; I’ve already got three boxes and a bag packed. – I’m so excited! Yet still a little nervous.

5. Danny and I will also be getting a furbaby 😉 a boxer puppy, in about two months.

6. I’ve been focusing on homework a lot, like all the time and a few crafts 🙂
(I’ve even considered turning this into a crafting blog, but I don’t know how much time      I’ll have on my hands once I start back to working full time)

I feel like this year is finally turning around. The beginning of this year I had to put my sweet little kitty, Arnie, down. No matter how lame it sounds, I’m not embarrassed to say that he was my best friend and I don’t know if I’ll ever find another pet like him. I also ended up in the hospital thanks to the dreaded stomach flu! I’ve never been so sick in my life! This last semester of school has kept me very busy. And I went to the doctor and finally got my health in check. These past few days are what is really making me feel like my life is turning around. A new job and a plan for a new life and being so close to graduation and seeing Danny again is pushing me forward and has got me all kinds of excited. I’ve got amazing friends, the best man ever and some exciting changes coming my way!

Counting, counting, counting

Counting is all I do, all I think about.
Exactly a week from today I’ll be getting ready for Danny to be home.
I need to keep pushing myself to stay busy every single day.

It’s so nice hearing how much Danny is excited to come home. I know he’s excited to see me and I know he’s looking forward to getting some rest in his own bed and just being in the comfort of his own home. Considering he bought a house and only lived in it for a couple months before the military sent him off.

I’ve been so lucky to have the motivation to keep up and even get ahead of all my assignments for this semester. I have yet to feel the anxiety of being almost done (10th week). The only thing I’m anxious about is that I’m almost done! I can’t believe I’ve only got a few weeks this semester and one more semester after that! It’s crazy! I think I’ll finally feel like an adult once I have that degree and I’m no longer in school sitting in boring classes and doing pointless homework assignments.

Talking to Danny on the phone last night also made me realize he’ll only be deployed for six months (as long as nothing changes). And it’s really going to suck. But I know there are people out there who wait longer and go through worse things in their lives. But hearing him say out loud “six months”, made me feel better. It’s like it’s only just now hitting me. We’ve been through almost two right now and it seems to have gone by faster than I thought it would. Not to mention almost five of the months he’s deployed I’ll be in school working my ass off to graduate.

Well, here’s to another week down!

T – minus

9 days!!!

I’m so excited! I’ll probably be going crazy all day on Friday when Danny is supposed to be home.
I got off work everyday he is supposed to be here and we’re going to have a great weekend together.
And he found out he’ll be home for Thanksgiving. Twice in one month!!! That’s so wonderful! I’m trying to stay busy until next Friday. But all I can think about is how anxious and excited I am and how close we are. I can’t even begin to imagine how excited I’ll be after his deployment.

I’m getting so sick of all the rain from the hurricane but I’m so lucky that that is the only thing I have to complain about.

I’m in the tenth week of the semester, five more to go. And then only one more semester! Craziness!!!