Avril Lavigne

So on Tuesday Avril Lavigne’s new CD came out.
I was debating if I was even going to listen to the previews on iTUNES.
I used to love her. Her first two albums were wonderful and I’ve seen her multiple times in concert.
(years and years ago)


I was disappointed with her last two CD’s.
They were so poppy and happy and that is just not really my kind of music.
Especially after being used to her earlier music.

Once I looked at the song list on her record I noticed Marilyn Manson was on it.
So I decided to give her another chance.
(plus I had a free iTUNES gift card just lying around)

The album isn’t bad – I can see where she was going with some of the songs.
But of course I only like two or three of them.
(I can’t decide if I like the third one or not)

My favorites are Bad Girl feat. Marilyn Manson & Give You What You Like

Other than that I’m extremely glad it was free.
If you were a fan of her last two albums you will definitely like this one.
But I wanted the darker-punky Avril back.


The Pretty Reckless Concert

The Pretty Reckless – a great band to celebrate Halloween with.

This is the second time I have gone with my sister to see them and it was a great show.


I’m glad she likes the same music as me because I’d have no one else to go with me.


I never liked Taylor Momsen as an actress – I’ve never seen Gossip Girl – but she is one badass singer.

photo 1

I rocked the red lips and combat boots that night.

October Sum Up

Getting engaged!

Sharing the news with our family and friends!

Danny’s one week vacation!

Brandon and Kortnie’s wedding!

The Pretty Reckless concert!

Going to the pumpkin farm!

Party with my wonderful girlfriends!

Rereading The Great Gatsby! 

Getting back into reading in general!

Finally getting a date night with Danny!

Got my own office at work (I still have yet to move in though)!

October went by so unbelievably fast! and was so unbelievable wonderful!

the pretty reckless

love The Pretty Reckless. [My all time favorite song by them is ‘Just Tonight’]

If you’re just browsing my blog, you don’t know me and you’ve seen the rest of my blog you may be surprised that this band is one of my favorites.

Although over the years my music tastes have broadened  [I like country – I’ll jam to Katy Perry] but The Pretty Reckless is truly me.
I don’t dress the same as I did years ago [I’ve added color to my wardrobe and I don’t paint my nails black as often-I love wearing converse and combat boots] but The Pretty Reckless is my kind of music.

I love when music takes you back to a memory or a time in your life. I love that a song can bring back feelings – not just emotional ones but physical ones.

What The Pretty Reckless brings back for me is the feel of
late summer nights, driving with the window down, the smell of a lake and the burn of cigarettes on my throat.

It takes me back to a time where there weren’t many responsibilities and less worries. It takes me back to a place where I was a grown woman but still very carefree. It brings back memories that make me feel like I’m a completely different person than I was a few years ago yet I’m still the same in many ways.

With that said – The Pretty Reckless released a new song today and I cannot wait until their album is out.