New Year!

I am extremely disappointed in myself when it comes to photos of this night.
I barely took any and they’re crappy phone ones.

New Years Eve we spent time with our friends.
We made it to two different parties.

The weather got a bit bad that night but all was good.

IMG_1421 IMG_1422 IMG_1424 IMG_1425

On New Year’s Day we ran some errands and spoiled Annabel with a new toy.
It’s her new buddy-she absolutely loves it!
(and the new blanket I made).


We slept in and hung out around the house and
had some wonderful pizza and wings.

It was our second New Years together.
I’m glad he was home during this time again.

Christmas: Project Life

Christmas/Christmas Eve were combined in my Project Life spread.
The paper I used was from scrap book paper that I stocked up on at the beginning of December
when I started December Daily and the holidays began.

I also used a Project Life 3×4 card for journaling. (From the Midnight Kit).
I used gold chip board pieces to create the ‘Christmas ’13’
and I created a 4×6 collage to add more phots to the spread.





December Sum Up

Spending time with friends and family

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas shopping

Wrapping gifts

December Daily craft

Six month anniversary of my new job

Seeing my grandma surrounded by all her loved ones

Snowed in evening

Spending lazy weekend days with Annabel


The End of December Daily

13. Just a typical day.
I used card stock and a chip board embellishment along with a
journaling card from the midnight kit of Project Life.


14. Lots of errands with Danny.
We ended up snowed in that evening, but him and Annabel enjoyed the snow together.
Chip board numbers and a free printable were used on card stock.
The back was a simple white so I added red washi tape.

DSC_0180 DSC_0181

15. Normal day of grocery shopping and hanging out at home
with football and fantasy football.
And the first hot chocolate with candy canes of the season!
I used scrap book paper, stickers for the date and a free printable I found online.


16. My grandmother passed away.
I’m glad she is no longer in pain.
Used card stock paper to journal and added a heart embellishment.


17. Another typical day. But Danny and I are no longer working first shift together.
He went back to anywhere from 10 hour to 13 hour night shifts.
Super simple layout. I used scrap book paper and a date stamp.


18. Just a little spread for one week until Christmas.
I used chipboard letters for the ‘one week’ and a free printable
I found online to journal.
The joy sticker I found in a clearance bin at the craft store.


19. Lots of playing with Annabel.
They love playing with sheets.
Danny wraps her up or covers her up in them and she loves attacking them.
For this day I used stickers for the date and simply punched a hole in the picture and backed
it with decorative scrap book paper.
The small silver heart was cut out from decorative paper.


20. My grandmother’s calling hours.
21. My grandmother’s funeral. It was very nice she would be happy.
It was good to see so many people there to celebrate her life.
I used card stock and a heart embellishment.
The card I used for writing comes from the midnight kit of Project Life.


22. Spent the day with family.
Scrap book paper and stickers for the numbers.
I cut the cloud from a midnight kit card from Project Life.


23. Typical day.
Decorative chipboard piece and stickers for the date.


24. Short day at work. Danny and I exchanged gifts and stockings.
Annabel got her gift as well that she ripped up very quickly.
We watched A Christmas Story and drank hot chocolate that night.
Double sided lay out with chip board letters and a card from
the midnight kit of Project Life.

DSC_0194  DSC_0195

25. We went to my parents’ house first thing in the morning then to my grandparents’
and the to Danny’s family.
I used chipboard letters and scrap book paper.

DSC_0196 DSC_0197

I did enjoy this craft but it was a bit hard to continue once everything with my
grandma happened. But I’m glad I finished it and I may try it
again next year depending on what’s going on next year.



This was the first Christmas that Danny and I spent the whole time together.

He had Christmas Eve off and I only worked five hours so we spent the day just hanging out at home and playing with Annabel.

Danny was too anxious to exchange gifts and his argument was that we wouldn’t have much time Christmas morning – so we opened all our gifts and stockings on Christmas Eve. That night we drank hot chocolate and watched A Christmas Story. 



[My fake surprised face since I picked that gift out]

Annabel loved her gifts. But one only lasted a few hours. It is now currently just the shell of the stuffed owl that it once was.
But she still loves it.

DSC_0148 DSC_0150 DSC_0153 DSC_0155

On Christmas Day we went to my parents’ house first thing in the morning. Then my dad’s parents’ house and then to Danny’s family. We spent a ton of time in the car. One ride was over an hour. (But that’s something we need to be used to because of the distance between our families).

I was glad to get to see so many people
and have so much great food!

DSC_0166 DSC_0171

This is our attempt at a family photo.
Works for me 🙂



reading The Secret Garden

celebrating the holidays with family and friends

dressing warm and cozy and getting used to the cold

crocheting a forest color themed blanket

using a wax melter to make the house smell like pine trees and Christmas

wearing white nail polish for the holidays

lighting the Christmas tree every evening

thinking about my grandmother and many memories