Memory Jar

I wanted to think of a cool name for this, I couldn’t think of one so I’m calling it a memory jar. 


These are just rocks, coral and seashells that we collected at Key West.
The beaches were really rocky compared to others we’ve been to and there weren’t that many shells.

I got the jar from Target in their fabulous “junk section” that is up front.
It was only $1! (and I grabbed a few more for other projects)

I just added a tag to label it and ta-da!

It’s sitting on our bookshelf in the living room with our Key West photo.


Spring Weekend

This past weekend actually felt like spring. If it was humid out I would say that it felt like summer.
I was able to wear shorts and flip flops!
I spent some time with my parents. My mom and I have been getting ready for my cousin’s bridal shower.

Danny and I had a date night on Saturday and he helped me pick out a gift for my dad’s birthday.
(tactical shot gun)

Sunday was even better. It was in the upper 70’s!
We did some outdoor work and some stuff around the house. Annabel played outside and she loves her new frisbee.

It was so nice to have the windows open and get some fresh air.

We ran a ton of errands. We got the last of what we needed for vacation and I even started packing.

We also rented some movies (Catching Fire Homefront).
It was great to finally catch up on some movies and stuff around the house and just having some togetherness.
We are always so busy.

It’s again 70 degrees today, but we’re supposed to drop to 35 and get snow tomorrow!!!
It’ll warm back up after that but I really, really need tomorrow to be the last of any winter weather.

Spring Cleaning

Let’s just talk about spring cleaning.

And how much I love it!

I love feeling like it’s a new start when you clean your house hardcore from top to bottom.
I love having that super clean smell and just feeling like everything is clean.
I love being able to open the windows while cleaning and get the fresh air in.
After being closed up all winter it feels like the house needs to breathe and to me it’s almost like getting germs out of the house.
(totally weird, I know).

This year I started by making a list for every room in the house. Even if they needed the same things done they all had their own list.
I absolutely love lists! And I made them before I planned on starting spring cleaning so it’s nice to not forget anything.

The first task I finished was organizing the pantry.

IMG_2021 IMG_2022

The before and after.
This summer this pantry will be getting a paint job, new shelves and a door!
I’m so excited for it to have a door. I hate that people can see all our junk!

(still at the stage where the windows cannot be open)

I wish I had some fresh flowers for the house.

And I can’t wait for the rest to get done!

First Home Mini Scrap Book

I’ve decided to put a mini book together for our first home together especially because when Danny bought it it was a foreclosure and he’s worked so hard on it and made so much progress on it to make it an awesome home.



I wanted to basically show the before and after and have a photo album that we can look back on years
from now and remember our first home together.

I have been working on this book forever!
But it’s because the ‘flipping’ of this house is something that has been happening over the years.
It’s nice to add to it every once in awhile when something changes.
I’m also glad to finally put this book on display in our living room.

The pages are made of different types of paper – card stock and scrapbook.
I collected different embellishments and used them throughout the book randomly.
And there is a lot of washi tape.
There is really no pattern to this book and that’s why I like it.

I added a little ‘before’ section to show the photos we took of the house when he first bought it.
The rest of the book would be considered the ‘after’.
DSC_0008 DSC_0009

DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013

I added pictures of all the rooms and how we have them decorated/remodeled – what have you.


This envelope will have one of our house keys in there .. one day when we move somewhere else.


It’s really thick and I know it still isn’t done.

I think this is a nice way to make sure we remember all the places we live together.
I know this won’t be the only house we live in and I would love to look back on this step in our relationship.

bathroom renovation!!!

I am so excited that we got this done. The bathroom before was just simply old, out dated and ugly.
And now the bathroom is prettier and bigger.
We had the closet removed so that we could add a larger vanity with two sinks.
Danny and I are on opposite shifts so it’s very rare that we are getting ready at the same time and
need two sinks, but it looks nice and it’s a good item for re-sale.
And I love having two mirrors like that.


We tiled in the shower which made that larger as well.
I love having that built in shelf.


We re-did the floor and got a new toilet, mirrors and light fixture.
And of course it got a paint job and new accessories.

The only thing Danny and I did ourselves was putting the corner shelves up.

It was so much fun getting to pick everything out.
The tile and accent pieces and vanity and mirrors and everything!
It was hard to imagine it all together though.
I was so worried about it all matching, but in reality it just has to go.

new bedroom walls

Our bedroom has finally been painted.

Before there was horrible, out dated 80’s wallpaper.
It was so difficult to remove that we ended up having the contractor (Danny’s family) do that as well.

I wanted our bedroom theme to be orange and gray.
So we’ve got the gray walls.
We have gray and orange bedding but it’s too cold for it now.


The bedroom seems so much bigger and nicer because of the paint.

We also removed part of the vanity – there used to be spools up to the ceiling.
We still have to recover the vanity top but the room is looking so much better.