Key West: Mini Book


Of course I had to create a mini book for Key West.
I painted the front and back of the book (made of chipboard).

IMG_2224 IMG_2226

The first page is a label with the dates we were there with a chipboard sun.
I added the flowered paper to both inner sides of the cover.
I took my Polaroid camera this trip and I’m really glad I did.
I saved a ton of different things from the trip to add to my book.
The “FLL” tab is from our luggage and I grabbed a business card from our resort.

IMG_2227 IMG_2228

The book is pretty simple.
I used different sized photos throughout and labels for some journaling.

IMG_2229 IMG_2230

Along with business cards and whatnot I got some post cards too.
I used a few of the chipboard suns/flowers etc throughout this book.

IMG_2232 IMG_2233

One the left is a photo that is 8×5 and I just cut it in half.
On the right I made a small tag and added photos to each side of it and a ribbon.

IMG_2234 IMG_2235

I saved brochures from different activities we did.

IMG_2236 IMG_2237

I cut up the brochure for our ghost tour so I could add it to the book.
I also kept our stickers/tickets.

IMG_2238 IMG_2239

I also cut up the snorkeling brochure.
The pink paper is just a fun transparency I added in.

IMG_2240 IMG_2241

More Polaroids! I love them and I enjoyed using my camera.


The last page is a post card and some final journaling.

I may go back and add more to this book-more details-but for now I’m happy with it and it’s
sitting on our bookshelf in our living room with the rest of my books.

Polaroid Photo Album

So I have a Polaroid camera. I’ve mentioned it before in this post.

I usually use my Polaroid photos in my mini books or other crafts, but I didn’t know what to do with my ‘extra’ ones. So I grabbed an
album I already had sitting around and decided to store them there.

DSC_0001DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0006

I added some fun scrapbook paper to the pages instead of the white that it came with and I simply adhered the photos to the paper. It’s nothing great or anything to brag about but I’m glad I finally have a place for them and hopefully it’ll give me the motivation to take more photos with it! (I’m still getting over the worry of spending $1 per photo and not knowing how it’s going to turn out!)

Horrible photos I know. But I’m glad I finally got somewhere for my Polaroids!

Project Life: February

 photo 1

My first page for February was the wedding hall. I took a bunch of photos while we were there
so I could remember what it looked like if I went home to think about booking it.
I used a journaling card from the Midnight Kit and I slipped a brochure about the hall into the other 3×4 slot.
I used a label on the photo of the bridal table.

The second page is Danny and I building our bookshelf.
I used the Midnight Kit for filler and a journaling card.
I used the A Beautiful Mess app to edit the photos and a rubber ‘for the love of” stamp.
And little heart brads on the filler card.

photo 2

The next page is a date night we had with Danny’s friends.
I used the Midnight Kit again and ‘his’ and ‘her’ stamps.

The next page is my birthday layout. I used the Midnight Kit again and ‘for the love of’ stamp.
I used wooden flowers and sewed them into the 3×4 pocket.
I can’t wait to use that technique more throughout this project.

photo 3

The last spread for February was another date night, but just the two of us.
I used the Cherry Kit for the date card and just gray card stock with purple washi tap.
This is one of my favorites just because I like that we each have a photo in a 3×4 slot.

First Home Mini Scrap Book

I’ve decided to put a mini book together for our first home together especially because when Danny bought it it was a foreclosure and he’s worked so hard on it and made so much progress on it to make it an awesome home.



I wanted to basically show the before and after and have a photo album that we can look back on years
from now and remember our first home together.

I have been working on this book forever!
But it’s because the ‘flipping’ of this house is something that has been happening over the years.
It’s nice to add to it every once in awhile when something changes.
I’m also glad to finally put this book on display in our living room.

The pages are made of different types of paper – card stock and scrapbook.
I collected different embellishments and used them throughout the book randomly.
And there is a lot of washi tape.
There is really no pattern to this book and that’s why I like it.

I added a little ‘before’ section to show the photos we took of the house when he first bought it.
The rest of the book would be considered the ‘after’.
DSC_0008 DSC_0009

DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013

I added pictures of all the rooms and how we have them decorated/remodeled – what have you.


This envelope will have one of our house keys in there .. one day when we move somewhere else.


It’s really thick and I know it still isn’t done.

I think this is a nice way to make sure we remember all the places we live together.
I know this won’t be the only house we live in and I would love to look back on this step in our relationship.

Project Life: January

A few weeks ago I shared that  I would be continuing to use Project Life to document our life. One of my goals for 25 by 25 (more on that later) is to create more spreads this year. My first spread is from New Years Eve. I did a horrible job at being photographer that night. SO I’m not even going to share that spread.

This spread is a random one of photos I just wanted to document. It was a day we spent at home hanging out and playing with Annabel. I used the A Beautiful Mess app to edit the photos. The fillers are from the Midnight Kit of Project Life & I used rubber stamps – of course!


The home renovations also got a page along with our trip to Goodwill and my mom coming over to visit.
I used rubber stamps and fillers from the Midnight Kit.
The January calendar print was free (found on Pinterest).
[You can follow me on Pinterest to find my board of free printables. The button is down on the left!]


This next layout is from when Danny surprised me with some good chocolate and the other
page is from Annabel having to go to the vet because of a serious cut on her paw. – she’s trouble.

I added the sweet little note Danny wrote me with a heart paper clip.
I used the Midnight Kit and the Cherry Kit.


I’m so glad that I was able to get more spreads than usual for the month.
If I keep this up my binder will be bursting by the end of the year. I can’t wait!

summer mini book

Yes, I’ve already started putting together my mini album for summer.

I’m so anxious for it to start! I need sunshine and warm weather.
Danny will be gone this summer so I plan on spending a lot of time with Annabel, friends and family –
and this is how I plan on documenting it.


I’m going with a 4×6 size for this book (or 6×4 – whatever).
And 3 inch rings.
The rings are way too large for now, but I’m hoping I’ll add enough pages, memorabilia etc to make them work.
I plan on filling this up with memories from June-August.
Maybe with a little leeway if something happens in May or September.

I’m using small printable calendars that you can use for Project Life to document the month the pages
are from. They’re like little book marks.


The first page is a quote from The Great Gatsby and it is basically an introduction page
that will be detailing what’s going on with me at the beginning of the summer.


I used some paper I already had on hand but also used this book as an excuse to buy some more.

DSC_0017 DSC_0018

I can’t wait for summer. I am so fed up with this winter weather.

rubber stamps

I absolutely love rubber stamps! And just had to do a whole post about them.


They can really add something awesome to a photo or scrap booking or any craft with out getting too crazy.
I first bought stamps from a small business that is now sadly out of business.


But seeing what I could do/did with those stamps made me love them.
And now I am addicted!
I always check out the $1 stamp bins at the craft store and I always check the shelves to see
if any are new. (Micheal’s always has $1 stamps).


I know I will be adding stamps to something in the wedding as well.
(I’ve already bought two)
My Project Life album is my favorite place to use stamps.
I add stamps to the filler cards from the kits or I add them onto photos.


One day I would like to try to make my own!