The End of December Daily

13. Just a typical day.
I used card stock and a chip board embellishment along with a
journaling card from the midnight kit of Project Life.


14. Lots of errands with Danny.
We ended up snowed in that evening, but him and Annabel enjoyed the snow together.
Chip board numbers and a free printable were used on card stock.
The back was a simple white so I added red washi tape.

DSC_0180 DSC_0181

15. Normal day of grocery shopping and hanging out at home
with football and fantasy football.
And the first hot chocolate with candy canes of the season!
I used scrap book paper, stickers for the date and a free printable I found online.


16. My grandmother passed away.
I’m glad she is no longer in pain.
Used card stock paper to journal and added a heart embellishment.


17. Another typical day. But Danny and I are no longer working first shift together.
He went back to anywhere from 10 hour to 13 hour night shifts.
Super simple layout. I used scrap book paper and a date stamp.


18. Just a little spread for one week until Christmas.
I used chipboard letters for the ‘one week’ and a free printable
I found online to journal.
The joy sticker I found in a clearance bin at the craft store.


19. Lots of playing with Annabel.
They love playing with sheets.
Danny wraps her up or covers her up in them and she loves attacking them.
For this day I used stickers for the date and simply punched a hole in the picture and backed
it with decorative scrap book paper.
The small silver heart was cut out from decorative paper.


20. My grandmother’s calling hours.
21. My grandmother’s funeral. It was very nice she would be happy.
It was good to see so many people there to celebrate her life.
I used card stock and a heart embellishment.
The card I used for writing comes from the midnight kit of Project Life.


22. Spent the day with family.
Scrap book paper and stickers for the numbers.
I cut the cloud from a midnight kit card from Project Life.


23. Typical day.
Decorative chipboard piece and stickers for the date.


24. Short day at work. Danny and I exchanged gifts and stockings.
Annabel got her gift as well that she ripped up very quickly.
We watched A Christmas Story and drank hot chocolate that night.
Double sided lay out with chip board letters and a card from
the midnight kit of Project Life.

DSC_0194  DSC_0195

25. We went to my parents’ house first thing in the morning then to my grandparents’
and the to Danny’s family.
I used chipboard letters and scrap book paper.

DSC_0196 DSC_0197

I did enjoy this craft but it was a bit hard to continue once everything with my
grandma happened. But I’m glad I finished it and I may try it
again next year depending on what’s going on next year.


it’s the most wonderful time of the year

So I thought I’d take the time to share some photos from years past.
I never really liked this time of year too much, but now that I’m older I’m really starting to enjoy and appreciate it.

2009: My family and I visited A Christmas Story house – if you haven’t seen that movie, you need to.
100_0074 100_0075
100_0082 100_0086

2010: Just some everyday photography pics.
DSC04461ed  cleaned_DSC04427ed

2011: Apparently I have no photos from this year.

2012: Spending time with Danny while he was on leave.
We went to our town square to see the lights.
DSC_0123ed DSC_0091 DSC_0087


the pretty reckless

love The Pretty Reckless. [My all time favorite song by them is ‘Just Tonight’]

If you’re just browsing my blog, you don’t know me and you’ve seen the rest of my blog you may be surprised that this band is one of my favorites.

Although over the years my music tastes have broadened  [I like country – I’ll jam to Katy Perry] but The Pretty Reckless is truly me.
I don’t dress the same as I did years ago [I’ve added color to my wardrobe and I don’t paint my nails black as often-I love wearing converse and combat boots] but The Pretty Reckless is my kind of music.

I love when music takes you back to a memory or a time in your life. I love that a song can bring back feelings – not just emotional ones but physical ones.

What The Pretty Reckless brings back for me is the feel of
late summer nights, driving with the window down, the smell of a lake and the burn of cigarettes on my throat.

It takes me back to a time where there weren’t many responsibilities and less worries. It takes me back to a place where I was a grown woman but still very carefree. It brings back memories that make me feel like I’m a completely different person than I was a few years ago yet I’m still the same in many ways.

With that said – The Pretty Reckless released a new song today and I cannot wait until their album is out.