monday monday monday

It was so unbelievably difficult to get this week started.

I was on the go all weekend even though I was sick.
Friday night Danny and I stayed in – due to me being sick.
He had drill all weekend so Saturday I got a lot of Christmas shopping done with my friend.
And that night I got together with my girlfriends from school.
It was nice getting to catch up with all my friends in one day.


Sunday I did even more shopping with my mom.
And now I’m almost completely done.
And so far everything I have is wrapped.
[I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks!]


I was so excited for Danny to come home Sunday night (and of course so was Annabel). I wish we had more time together though.
So it’s Monday and I’m already excited for us to have next weekend together.

Why can’t all weekends be four days?

Oh, why – why can’t all weekends be this long?! It was definitely a good one though.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. Danny and I got up bright and early and went grocery shopping.
I was extremely surprised that there wasn’t many people there.
It was my mom’s birthday so my family and I celebrated that as well.
Every year my parents have my father’s parents over for lunch.
Danny and I each did our own thing simply because the timing wasn’t working out.

Friday: I tried on wedding dresses for the very first time. My friend and I and both our mothers went to a small boutique.
I did in fact find a dress I loved. But I’m not super excited.
Probably because I am nowhere near ready to purchase one and I’m not willing to spend the amount of money it was.
I just have so much time until the wedding so it’s not a big deal to me.
And I definitely will not be a crier.
But I was able to find out that I do not like straps or the mermaid style.
Afterwards my mom and I did a bit of shopping. And of course playing with the beast.
Danny went and looked at a house for a potential rental property and put an offer in. So we’ll see where that goes.

Saturday: Danny and I got up bright and early to run errands. I made him sit with me during my oil change.
IMG_1225 IMG_1228
We made it to Target & JoAnn Fabrics for some Christmas shopping.
(We’re both really close to being done).
We went out to dinner and had a wonderful time staying in and watching tv.

Sunday: We must not be very well prepared shoppers because we had to make another trip to the grocery store.
But Sunday is football day!
As well as laundry day.
Yesterday I ended up having to help Danny put together a power point – meaning I did it.
(I did claim to miss school a few times since I graduated, so maybe it’s karma).
Danny cooked us dinner – garlic chicken alfredo. It was amazing.
IMG_1236 IMG_1235

We changed out rugs for the winter in the living room and Annabel strongly approves.
She has such a hard time on our floors.

^^ yes that’s her with her toy halfway out of her basket

I also was able to get in a lot of crocheting. I messed this blanket up and had to pull out some rows.
But now I’m back on track.




It’s the little things

Danny is gone Monday through Friday every week for the Marine Corps. It’s lame but a whole lot better than deployment.
My weeks drag by, and I am always so excited for him to come home Friday evening. I’ve been thinking about and planning this weekend since last weekend-when he ended up being out of town Saturday and some of Sunday as well.

First off, I love this picture.
IMG_0772(a lot of my pictures will probably come from Instagram –
which you can see some of my feed on the left and my username is carolmariee)

Danny came home for one night this week and we relaxed together and watched World War Z – which was actually a really good movie. And I put him to work being my yarn assistant.

Saturday: My mom bought me a crock pot recently and everyone is under the insistence that I learn to cook, especially Danny. So my mom figured a crock pot is super easy (does it even count as cooking?) and that at least I could start there; and with fall coming it’s kind of perfect. So my first experiment/meal was chicken and egg noodles. It was a success and everyone wanted more!

Sunday: My parents had us over for a mini cook out. And of course Sunday=football. Both my dad and Danny are really into it and Danny is into fantasy football this year so we are all about football. And when I say “we” I don’t exactly mean me.

This week is Danny’s last week of being gone and I’m so excited!!!

So it’s the little things – like having a weekend with loved ones and spending time at home that makes me happy.

sharing photos

Just thought I’d share a few photos.  Danny was a part of the sword detail at his friend’s wedding last month. I’ve never seen him decked out in his dress blues-but boy is he a cutie. ImageImage

And I just absolutely adore this picture below





It was a great weekend; the wedding was a lot of fun and it was a nice little road trip together.

uh … oops

How can I even begin to catch up from where I left off here??? I guess I can start with the basics:

1. There are currently less than 100 days until D is home from deployment.

2. There are 22 days until I finally graduate!

3. I am currently working out my last two weeks at Walgreens before starting my new job! Which means more pay, new city and new home!

4. I’ll be moving out in about a month; I’ve already got three boxes and a bag packed. – I’m so excited! Yet still a little nervous.

5. Danny and I will also be getting a furbaby 😉 a boxer puppy, in about two months.

6. I’ve been focusing on homework a lot, like all the time and a few crafts 🙂
(I’ve even considered turning this into a crafting blog, but I don’t know how much time      I’ll have on my hands once I start back to working full time)

I feel like this year is finally turning around. The beginning of this year I had to put my sweet little kitty, Arnie, down. No matter how lame it sounds, I’m not embarrassed to say that he was my best friend and I don’t know if I’ll ever find another pet like him. I also ended up in the hospital thanks to the dreaded stomach flu! I’ve never been so sick in my life! This last semester of school has kept me very busy. And I went to the doctor and finally got my health in check. These past few days are what is really making me feel like my life is turning around. A new job and a plan for a new life and being so close to graduation and seeing Danny again is pushing me forward and has got me all kinds of excited. I’ve got amazing friends, the best man ever and some exciting changes coming my way!

Counting, counting, counting

Counting is all I do, all I think about.
Exactly a week from today I’ll be getting ready for Danny to be home.
I need to keep pushing myself to stay busy every single day.

It’s so nice hearing how much Danny is excited to come home. I know he’s excited to see me and I know he’s looking forward to getting some rest in his own bed and just being in the comfort of his own home. Considering he bought a house and only lived in it for a couple months before the military sent him off.

I’ve been so lucky to have the motivation to keep up and even get ahead of all my assignments for this semester. I have yet to feel the anxiety of being almost done (10th week). The only thing I’m anxious about is that I’m almost done! I can’t believe I’ve only got a few weeks this semester and one more semester after that! It’s crazy! I think I’ll finally feel like an adult once I have that degree and I’m no longer in school sitting in boring classes and doing pointless homework assignments.

Talking to Danny on the phone last night also made me realize he’ll only be deployed for six months (as long as nothing changes). And it’s really going to suck. But I know there are people out there who wait longer and go through worse things in their lives. But hearing him say out loud “six months”, made me feel better. It’s like it’s only just now hitting me. We’ve been through almost two right now and it seems to have gone by faster than I thought it would. Not to mention almost five of the months he’s deployed I’ll be in school working my ass off to graduate.

Well, here’s to another week down!

T – minus

9 days!!!

I’m so excited! I’ll probably be going crazy all day on Friday when Danny is supposed to be home.
I got off work everyday he is supposed to be here and we’re going to have a great weekend together.
And he found out he’ll be home for Thanksgiving. Twice in one month!!! That’s so wonderful! I’m trying to stay busy until next Friday. But all I can think about is how anxious and excited I am and how close we are. I can’t even begin to imagine how excited I’ll be after his deployment.

I’m getting so sick of all the rain from the hurricane but I’m so lucky that that is the only thing I have to complain about.

I’m in the tenth week of the semester, five more to go. And then only one more semester! Craziness!!!