Forest Floor Blanket

Another blanket started! This dark green is called forest floor and it’s Caron yarn. There always seems to be some kind of sale on the one pound yarn and I can’t pass it up.


I’m doing a triple crochet stitch and I’m using a size N hook.


After I recently finished a single stitch blanket I wanted something with a stitch that would take up more space – or cover more area faster.


I’m only on the second row and using the big hook is making it a slow process but I’m hoping once I get more finished and more of an area to hold on to and work with that I’ll be able to pick up the pace.


I’m using another green yarn with it, but it isn’t solid and I’m not quite sure what stitch I’m going to use.

I’ll be updating my progress for the next couple weeks.

Granny Square Blanket

So the first blanket I shared was one big crocheted granny square.

This one is, I guess,Image a legit granny square blanket. It took much longer than other blankets I’ve crocheted. My process was basically to make as many tiny squares as I could then I started stitching them together. Image

This is a smaller blanket; I was aiming for more of a throw. I used Lion’s Brand yarn-100% wool. So it was definitely on the expensive side, but they came in larger rolls.

I’me very pleased with it. And I’m thinking it’ll definitely match the decor of the new place. It’s a ‘winter blanket’ though. (Yes-I have different colored blankets for different seasons! I’m currently knitting a spring one!)



my blankey … ;)

So I started crocheting in 2009 or 2010. (I think it’s weird I can’t remember) It was winter and my friend and I were bored so we decided to go to the craft store and find something to do. We ended up in the yarn section and decided we either want to learn how to knit or crochet. A woman over heard us talking and was nice enough to inform us that crocheting would be easier; which is totally true! So we picked out our colors and jumped on you tube and learned through watching videos. Of course we started with a basic stitch and worked in simple rows-mostly for practice. And finally we learned the granny square which is what I made my first legitimate blanket from. And I don’t mean tiny granny squares crocheted together like usual, we just did one giant granny square which came out great!

So here it is-my first complete blanket:


It’s so big I couldn’t even hold it up for a good picture!Image

I used simply soft yarn – which in my opinion is the best. I’ve had this blanket for three-ish years now and I’ve washed it many times without any problems. It was a fairly expensive project mostly because that brand of yarn is expensive and I used a lot!