Wedding Wednesday: Flowers

While shopping with my mom one day we were at a craft store and we were looking at a bunch of fake flowers. I’m getting real ones for the wedding but it was a good way to get ideas of which kind of flowers I like and which ones would go well with our theme.

download (1)



Spider Mum



They’re all orange of course. Once I talk to a florist I will be inquiring about what flowers are in season
so they are guaranteed to look more like fall.
There will definitely be pumpkins too so I want to make sure they go well with those.

Rocking Chair Cushion & Pillow

I’ve wanted a rocking chair forever!!! I was always looking for them online and in stores but it seemed to me like the ones I liked cost an arm and a leg and I couldn’t fathom spending that much on one wooden chair. So I just gave up looking and hoped one would just show up – and it kind of did. Danny’s godfather is a big into picking/going through peoples’ garbage. He’s retired and this is one of his hobbies. He goes out on trash days to what you could call really well off neighborhoods and he gets the furniture out. He gives most of it away to people who refurnish them or he does it himself. So we’ve ended up with a bunch of nice, free furniture. It doesn’t all match obviously but with us just starting out we’re really lucky to have someone who gives us so much awesome stuff.

So he knew that I had been looking for one and scooped up this for me!


All it needed was a cushion. It has a lock on it to keep it from rocking when not being used
and it is literally in perfect condition.

I can’t believe some of the things people throw away!


I’ve never made a cushion before. The only thing close to that is covering pillows.
So I just decided to wing it.

I picked out the fabric and grabbed a piece of foam.

I cut the foam to fit the chair and covered it – same with the pillow.

And ta-da!

IMG_0800  IMG_0801

I finally have a rocking chair and I love it!!!

IMG_0805 IMG_0806

Photo Wall

I’ve seen this done so many times and I always wanted to give it a try. Now that I have my own place to decorate-I can.


The wall here was completely blank and it was kind of awkward and it made the room feel empty. I’ve spent over a month picking out the art and laying out the wall. I didn’t really have a plan for what type of art I wanted up, I just wanted to combine any pictures that I liked and I didn’t care whether or not they matched or “go”.
There aren’t many pictures up right now but I definitely plan on adding more.

The frames I used are basic black plastic frames. I wanted them all black and simple.
And I cheated and used push pins to hang everything – so much easier than nails and easier to move around if needed.
The octopus, birds and ampersand were all free printables I found on Pinterest.
There is a photo of Danny and I and a picture of one of my favorite quotes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (look here !!!)


I also used to be someone who hated clutter. Or homes that had lots of things/decorations. Now that I’m living in my own place and I don’t just have my bedroom to take care of, I feel like more decorations and knick knacks makes a place feel like a home.