monday monday monday

It was so unbelievably difficult to get this week started.

I was on the go all weekend even though I was sick.
Friday night Danny and I stayed in – due to me being sick.
He had drill all weekend so Saturday I got a lot of Christmas shopping done with my friend.
And that night I got together with my girlfriends from school.
It was nice getting to catch up with all my friends in one day.


Sunday I did even more shopping with my mom.
And now I’m almost completely done.
And so far everything I have is wrapped.
[I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks!]


I was so excited for Danny to come home Sunday night (and of course so was Annabel). I wish we had more time together though.
So it’s Monday and I’m already excited for us to have next weekend together.

Why can’t all weekends be four days?

Oh, why – why can’t all weekends be this long?! It was definitely a good one though.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. Danny and I got up bright and early and went grocery shopping.
I was extremely surprised that there wasn’t many people there.
It was my mom’s birthday so my family and I celebrated that as well.
Every year my parents have my father’s parents over for lunch.
Danny and I each did our own thing simply because the timing wasn’t working out.

Friday: I tried on wedding dresses for the very first time. My friend and I and both our mothers went to a small boutique.
I did in fact find a dress I loved. But I’m not super excited.
Probably because I am nowhere near ready to purchase one and I’m not willing to spend the amount of money it was.
I just have so much time until the wedding so it’s not a big deal to me.
And I definitely will not be a crier.
But I was able to find out that I do not like straps or the mermaid style.
Afterwards my mom and I did a bit of shopping. And of course playing with the beast.
Danny went and looked at a house for a potential rental property and put an offer in. So we’ll see where that goes.

Saturday: Danny and I got up bright and early to run errands. I made him sit with me during my oil change.
IMG_1225 IMG_1228
We made it to Target & JoAnn Fabrics for some Christmas shopping.
(We’re both really close to being done).
We went out to dinner and had a wonderful time staying in and watching tv.

Sunday: We must not be very well prepared shoppers because we had to make another trip to the grocery store.
But Sunday is football day!
As well as laundry day.
Yesterday I ended up having to help Danny put together a power point – meaning I did it.
(I did claim to miss school a few times since I graduated, so maybe it’s karma).
Danny cooked us dinner – garlic chicken alfredo. It was amazing.
IMG_1236 IMG_1235

We changed out rugs for the winter in the living room and Annabel strongly approves.
She has such a hard time on our floors.

^^ yes that’s her with her toy halfway out of her basket

I also was able to get in a lot of crocheting. I messed this blanket up and had to pull out some rows.
But now I’m back on track.




my weekend

Over the weekend Danny and I ran errands.
We had a very successful trip to GoodWill.


And I love our new rocking chair.

photo 3
[He’s waiting for me to pull the car around]

We went out with our friends to Granite City – a new bar/restaurant.

photo 1

We also had Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house.
I’m really glad Danny got to go; and that he gets along with my family very well.

photo 5

And of course Sunday was football day.

photo 4

My mom got me a bunch of bridal magazines some new and some old from people she knows.
She also got me a wedding planner/binder.


It was a good weekend.



This five year journal.
I think it would be interesting to write one thing a day for 5 years.
A good challenge-one I would really push myself to complete.


This scarf from Target – but I think I’ll just make my own.

Any stamp by Elise ( )


HP Photosmart printer – or any printer that does an awesome job with photos.


This love seat from Target – I absolutely love!


This camera bag from JoTotes!




Reading One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus

Enjoying Danny’s new schedule (we’re both on days now!)

Experimenting with new crafts

Preparing to begin Christmas shopping – both gifts and decor

On a straight hair kick

Wishing the leaves would have stayed a bit longer

Enjoying Target’s clearance section – Nate Berkus

Wearing scarfs non-stop

Working twelve days straight

Really fighting my nail biting habit

Working on drinking more water

Loving getting to park in a garage away from the snow

Never Enough Time

I’ve got quite the itch for some garage sales or estate sales. I never thought life would be so busy when all you do is work. I’m used to having to go to school and work and now that school is done I feel like I have even less time on my hands. With Danny working the opposite shift as I am it totally makes it difficult to find time that we can make plans. We’re both itching for some deals and to find cool things for the house – I think he’s only worried about the man cave though. I need more knick knacks and I cannot believe I’m saying that! I need more things to fill up our house. Mostly our shelves and tables that seem purposeless since there is nothing on some of them. This is all coming down to the fact that I need a weekend to do exactly what I want to do. We’re going to the Marine Corps ball this weekend which I’m totally looking forward to but that means time away from hanging out at home – and I love being home. And the weekend after that I have to work (12 days straight total) because we are implementing a new computer system and it is going to be so hectic!

There are not enough hours in a day

Or maybe weekends should be three days instead of two.

Our Love for Antiques/Old Junk

Danny and I love watching shows about auctions or pickers – fake or not. There’s interesting items and the shows definitely give me decorating and crafting ideas. Danny is also into collecting silver/gold/coins – whatever. He always says how it’s for his future and it’s a part of investing – but I know there’s a little dork in him that loves his coin collection. I’m impressed with how much he knows about everything though.

anyways … 

Once he got home from deployment he wanted to hit up garage sales, swap meets and of course auctions.
So one day he basically grabbed some money-well more than I thought necessary-just so he could go and enter bidding wars. I’m not even sure if he wanted some of the things he ended up buying or if it was just fun for him to experience an auction. It was an all day thing-I even ended up needing to go home to let the dog out.


He had so much fun and filled the whole car up with stuff!
Literally it was packed.


He was able to buy a few things and resell them and make some money.
And I got some stuff out of it too.

He filled up his man cave with items as well.
We’re definitely is going back again.