From a lot of distance to a little distance

Danny came home from deployment in July and I am so happy that he made it home safe and sound. The deployment was hard but we made it through and adjusted to the distance and made it work. I try to look back and remember the seven months of worry and long distance relationship that we went through because now I catch myself complaining about not spending enough time with him now – and we live together.

Danny works nights and I work days; so we are on completely opposite schedules. By the time he is home from work I’ve already been at work for an hour or so and when I get home he’s still sleeping. So unless he forgoes sleep we don’t spend any time together on the days we both work-maybe thirty minutes.

We try to make sure that we have time together when we don’t work and that we plan some fun things to do. When I start getting frustrated about how little time we have together and our schedules I just remind myself that he could be overseas instead.

So this is my little rant for the day – I’m writing it as I’m doing work around the house and Danny is sleeping because he works again tonight.
All in all I think we’re handling it well though, no frustration is taken out on each other and no blame is made.

I’m still so glad to have him home and to live together and get married.

Half Way There

I don’t really know half way to where … I don’t even know where I’ve been or where my time is going.

But I’ve made it half way through October. Not that I’m rushing time or anything but I want out of this funk. 

Recently work has been a complete drag.

I think it’s partially because there hasn’t been a lot of work to do. I’ve been ahead for about two weeks now. I’m not rushing through anything but sometimes tasks are so simple they take half a day and I’m stuck twiddling my thumbs.
Since there isn’t enough work to keep me busy for all eight hours I have been getting so sick of the same old routine. Trying to look busy – trying to find something to do. Don’t get me wrong, sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it is awesome – but it definitely gets old. Even as I type this I’m at work!

After work my routine is the same as well but that’s okay because I enjoy it and it keeps me busy and entertained.
I drive the thirty minutes home and I’m always greeted by sweet Annabel. Danny is working nights so he’s home when I get there – sleeping. His third shift sucks! But we always get to have dinner together and hang out before he leaves for the night.

Annabel is crazy hyper when Danny isn’t there at night – I don’t know what it is. She’ll sleep with me for a couple hours then it’s play time but when Danny is home she sleeps through the night with us. So lately I’ve been having to put her in her crate in the middle of the night. I feel bad but I sure do sleep a lot better and it’s not so hard to get up in the morning.

I hope to get back to more crafts soon – and hopefully some fall photography sessions. And I’ll be starting a new blanket ASAP – hopefully tonight!