Blanket Update

Well I started off simply making a green blanket.
You can see the original post here:

But this blanket turned into what greens, browns and tans I had.
So now it’s my ‘foresty’ blanket instead of my green blanket.
Not really sure if it matches but I think it goes.

I’m still using a triple crochet stitch and a size hook.

IMG_1384 IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1387



Catching Up – December Daily

It was really hard to continue this project after my grandmother became very ill.
I felt like this was a difficult project to begin with-I don’t have everyday activities etc etc.

But I’m deciding to push through although many of the days do not have photos
or exciting events/news or even good news for that matter.

This book is supposed to celebrate the happiness this time of year.
And unfortunately it’s not always there.

Day 8: I did even more Christmas shopping with my mom and Danny got home from drill.


I used a 4×3 card from the Midnight Project Life kit.
The ‘hello’ with a heart is a rubber stamp.

Day 9: My grandma ended up in the hospital Monday – I went and visited
and Danny became sick.


Super simple layout for what was going on that day.

Day 10: Typical Tuesday – work and grocery shopping.


I used card stock and stickers and a heart embellishment.

Day 11: Another evening in after work.


More scrapbook paper, rubber stamp and a 4×3 card from the Cherry Project Life kit.

Day 12: My grandma came home from the hospital with hospice.
I went straight there after work and spent all evening there with the family.

DSC_0109 DSC_0110

I used scrap book paper and 4×3 cards from the Midnight Project Life kit.

December Daily: Days 4-7

Day 4: Typical night at home.
Danny and I hung out after work and
him and Annabel had their typical play session.
I swear she waits all day for him to come home and play with her.
As soon as he walks through the door she brings one of her toys to him.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

I used scrap book paper, card stock, and a number four sticker.
Simple layout with two 2×2 photos edited with A Beautiful Mess app.

Day 5: The fifth wasn’t a very exciting day.
I was sick from the crazy weather change. (It hit 60 degrees the day before!)
So Danny went and picked us up some Panera Bread – one of my favorites!
And we spent the evening in.
He had the day off and signed up for classes – he’s going back to college in January!


I used scrap book paper and card stock. A stamp for the date and a little star embellishment.

Day 6: Still sick! To the point of taking DayQuil as much as possible.
I didn’t feel like doing any journaling, because I’d have nothing to say aside from complaining about being sick.
So the 6th just got a little card.


Day 7: I got a ton of Christmas shopping done and later that night
I hung out with my girlfriends from school.


new craft challenge: December Daily

So December Daily is a mini photo album that documents the first 25 days of December.
Like 25 days of Christmas.
So photograph your everyday life and add it to a photo album. Any layout/size you like.
(And obviously you can do all 31 days if you like instead).
Not everyday needs a photo either.
I’ve seen just journal with ticket stubs and other memorabilia.

This idea comes from Ali Edwards.
Here are the links for more information.
And where you can get supplies specifically for this project.



I’m hoping I can manage this and get all the way through.
I feel like I have so many supplies that I won’t have to go out and buy anything (except developing/printing photos).

It seems like people who participate in this make their album of 25 pages ahead of time.
But I’m a little behind so I’ll be doing it all at once.
I’ll be sharing every once in awhile – depending on how well I can keep up with this.
I think it sounds really fun and I’m excited to give it a try.
The biggest challenge, for me, will be to find something to document everyday.
This would be an awesome idea for say a stay at home mom-who is probably taking all kinds of pictures and has a bit more freedom than I do when it comes to venturing out into the world. (I’m stuck in a windowless office for eight hours everyday).

So here’s an introduction into my book.


This is the cover, I wrapped it with gift wrap just like a present.
Then I added the number chip pieces.


This is the title page. Just added some washi tape to white paper.
The used some Project Life 4×3 cut outs.
On the back of that title page I added a bit of journaling about the project and about Danny and I currently.


For page/day one I used two 4×4 slots from Project Life, another chip board number and a journaling card for Project life.

I added more photos to the back of them.
I still have yet to decide how I’m going to decorate the back of the book. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wrap it like the front.

I’ll share that aspect when I figure it out though.
I’m not sure how I plan on sharing my progress just yet.
Maybe once a week? We’ll see.
And sorry for the crappy photos. – I’ll have to use my slr next time.


DIY Christmas Gift Tags

This year I decided to get a little crafty with the Christmas gift tags.

Supplies: card stock, washi tape, letter stickers, stamp, ink, string and scissors.


I made the cards 2×4.5 inches and the cut the corners to make them look more like tags.
I also added green string to attach them to the gifts.


I added stamps to the back of them with green ink.
Some of them got the ‘Merry Christmas’ detail as well.


I had extra stickers laying around so I decided to label the tags with the person’s first initial.
I used red washi tape for some detail.


I hope they’ll be a hit.
They were definitely fun and easy though.


New Circle Scarf

I absolutely love scarfs!
I wear them almost everyday throughout the cold seasons.
I have seen so many that I love while out shopping – especially at Target.
So I decided to make my own.
(good thing I have a ton of yarn around the house)

I started by making a chain and I measured it by wrapping it around me – not counting stitches.

Then I used a single stitch crochet and again measured the thickness by wrapping it around my neck to determine how it would fit.


This is how long it is on me before I wrap it three times to wear it.
(Please ignore our in progress  walls)

Once I finished with the amount of rows I wanted, I tied it off and left a long string at the end.
Using a yarn needle I sewed the two ends together.


Scarves are always a fun crafts – they’re quick and easy and make a great gift!