Project Life: February

 photo 1

My first page for February was the wedding hall. I took a bunch of photos while we were there
so I could remember what it looked like if I went home to think about booking it.
I used a journaling card from the Midnight Kit and I slipped a brochure about the hall into the other 3×4 slot.
I used a label on the photo of the bridal table.

The second page is Danny and I building our bookshelf.
I used the Midnight Kit for filler and a journaling card.
I used the A Beautiful Mess app to edit the photos and a rubber ‘for the love of” stamp.
And little heart brads on the filler card.

photo 2

The next page is a date night we had with Danny’s friends.
I used the Midnight Kit again and ‘his’ and ‘her’ stamps.

The next page is my birthday layout. I used the Midnight Kit again and ‘for the love of’ stamp.
I used wooden flowers and sewed them into the 3×4 pocket.
I can’t wait to use that technique more throughout this project.

photo 3

The last spread for February was another date night, but just the two of us.
I used the Cherry Kit for the date card and just gray card stock with purple washi tap.
This is one of my favorites just because I like that we each have a photo in a 3×4 slot.



rereading Tana French’s books

keeping warm

impatiently waiting for spring and warmer weather

crocheting a baby blanket – it is not needed

eating too much pizza

having wedding planning nightmares

wishing I could take naps in the middle of the day

preparing for more extremely cold weather

looking for a new job

Love Bookshelf

I’ve seriously been looking forward to making this bookshelf for months. And since Danny and I don’t really have any Valentine’s Day plans (he is working) I figured we could do a project together!

DSC_0019 photo (9)

It took us two different days to put it together.
Not because of difficulty, we were just busy.

And we even had to move inside eventually because even though we were in the garage it was
below zero and way too cold for me to be able to be out there and help.

photo 1

(Had to use my photo timer app for this ^)

photo 3

And here is the somewhat finished project.
We still have to paint it.
We’re going to paint it white to go with our bedroom.


I can’t wait to finish it and finally get to decorate it and use it!
I’ll have an update once that happens.
Danny is the best 🙂

photo 4

And of course sweet Annabel spent time with us.

p.s. happy valentine’s day!
remember it’s not just for couples, but for celebrating any one of your loved ones – parents, friends, children etc.

wonderful, wonderful wednesday


It started with a massive snow storm. I get paid by the hour to calling off is not a good thing. Well on the way to work (a 40 minute drive) I get stuck on the side of the highway. Luckily I’m okay and so is my car and a state trooper showed up quickly to help push me out. After that I just turned around and went home, called off – loosing money. On top of loosing money for calling off, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. I have never broken a phone before, never gotten one wet etc. As of right now it is sitting in a bowl of rice (I’m not sure if that really works). Also as of right now I cannot make any phone calls because the speaker is shot. So unless rice works miracles, I’m going to have to buy a new phone. I haven’t even had this one for a year … I wonder if it is covered under any warranty? That would be terrific. I at least get to sit at home all day and read and hang out with Annabel. I am just not a happy camper.

January Sum Up

Celebrated New Years with Danny and friends

Read five books : Gone Girl, Dark Places, Sharp Objects, Defending Jacob & Ape House

Remodeled two bathrooms and painted our bedroom

Made my first wedding purchase (rubber stamps)

Caught up with friends

Baked sugar cookies for the first time

Booked my boudoir photo shoot

Created six Project Life spreads

Joined Society 6 to sell my photography (

Printed my first photo on 4×6 paper from my printer – I’ve never had a printer work so well for me! (thank you Danny!!!)

Found another job that I really, really want – we’ll see where that goes

I can’t believe January is done already. I’m so glad we’re another month closer to warmer weather!!!


reading non stop

loving our bathroom renovation and bedroom paint job

hoping there is only two-ish more months of winter weather

helping Danny with his homework (I miss school, sometimes)

looking forward to summer more and more everyday

strongly considering Hawaii for our honeymoon

longing to wear shoes that are not boots or converse

keeping up with both my reading goal and my Project Life goal


…Was a good day, even though we were snowed in. Danny and I finally got to spend some time together in the morning when he got home from work and we caught up on one of our shows – American Horror Story. The rest of the day was spent watching good television shows for hours, reading, napping with Annabel and drinking hot chocolate. And of course Annabel made it outside to play in the snow. Usually every Saturday I’m up and cleaning non-stop/running errands. It was nice to not have to do any of that.

photos from the last few days … 

photo 1

This is Annabel’s “there’s no way I’m getting out of bed” face.

photo 2

I wrote Danny a little love note and put it in his lunch for work.

photo 3

I started my summer mini book. (I”ll have another post later on).

photo 4

Annabel napped on me like this Friday night.

photo 5