23 favorite things

here are the things that made 23 great (small & large) and cheers to 24!

1. graduating college

2. danny coming home safe from deployment

3. bringing annabel into our family

4. getting engaged

5. getting a new job

6. buying a new car

7. moving in with danny

8. starting project life

9. using pinterest like crazy for wedding planning 

10. decorating the whole house for christmas

11. crafts – project life, blankets and mini books

12. seafood pasta – crab meat, angel hair pasta, butter, garlic powder and sea salt

13. my new canon printer

14. Gillian Flynn’s novels

15. printable wall art

16. dunkin donuts coffee & of course their donuts

17. curly hair + mark anthony curl booster

18. discovering and exploring my new local library + ebooks from there

19. a beautiful mess app

20. various girls nights

21. $1 bins at craft stores

22. choosing a hall for the wedding reception

23. lots of family time

Wedding Wednesday: engagement mini book

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.
I have a wedding planning book that my mom got me that I am using and will keep forever
but I also wanted to document the process somehow.

So of course I went with a mini book!


I covered the chip board covers with scrap book paper
and used a label to name the book.

The rings I have are way too big (I need to up my supplies).

IMG_1716 IMG_1717

I went back to put all the events in order.
So the first page has photos of Danny and I from the day of.
And then some photos of the ring.
The ‘magic’ is a rubber stamp and the arrow is a decorative chip board piece.

IMG_1718 IMG_1719

I added the stamps – which were the fist purchase for the wedding – and journaling about them.
I’m really excited to continue this book. I have a few more ideas to catch up on.
I think this is a great thing that I can show my children and look back on years from now.

Just as a reminder my idea for mini-books comes from Elise Blaha Cripe

Wedding Wednesday: Reception Venue

Danny and I will be getting married on October 31, 2015. So, yes, I know it’s early to be doing all this planning. But I really, really wanted to make sure we found something that was open on Halloween. Danny will be gone for a few months this year so I really wanted to get this done before he left. So we went and looked at a hall and it just so happens that I absolutely loved it! The price was right as well and so were all the options, assistance and extras provided to us.


This first photo is what you would first see when you walk in.
If we decide to have our ceremony here (which I highly doubt), this will be where we would stand.


This is another view from the entrance.
That window is where the bridal party table will be.


That is the bar. The wooden doors on the left side of it also open.
The woman wrote ‘heavy drinkers’ on her notes for our reception. HA!


This is another view of where the bridal party table would be.
At first I was thinking that we would only have Danny and I at it, but it’s such
a beautiful window and a large space that I may have everyone sit with us.


And that is looking out of the entrance.
And my mother photo-bombing.

We have our choice of table cloth covers and napkins.
And they are not strict on decorations.
I think this is a great decision and that we won’t have any complaints. (hopefully).

I don’t know if I want to say that it’s a relief because it’s not like it’s the last minute,
but I’m so happy that this part is out of the way and that the date I really wanted is set.
Danny is the best and is spoiling me with the decision making.

This is becoming real. This is awesome.


These are just some goals and/or plans for the rest of the year. I’m never one to make resolutions. I always felt that if you wanted to change something about yourself then why wait until a certain day?-just do it! But I’m one of those people who love to plan ahead so I figured it would be fun to make a list of things I would like to do. (I won’t beat myself up if they don’t happen though).

make a large dent in my school loans

plan an awesome two year anniversary celebration with Danny

plan our wedding – book the hall! 

read  …  a lot!

finish the house

try new crafts

work my One Little Word goal into my life and crafts

visit Danny when he is away training for the Marine Corps

take more photos 

focus on my health – start running again once it is warmer out

start up a new journal

take Annabel on more walks



Another year done – I can’t believe it.
For someone who has a bit of Triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13) 2013 was actually a really good year for me.

Danny made it home safe after his deployment
(we made it through our first deployment)


I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology


We got a sweet little puppy – Annabel


I bought a new car


Started my “big girl” job as a data analysis for an airline

Moved in with Danny and out of my parents’ house

Danny and I got engaged!!!


Enjoying the snow with Annabel.


Marine Corps Ball


First Christmas Eve and Christmas morning spent with Danny.


I’m so looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring and

all the new memories we will make as a little family together.


Wedding Wednesday – Invitations, Save the Dates & other paper needs

So I have been doing a lot of browsing on Pinterest for wedding stuff.
We’re so far out that I’m just focusing on getting ideas and finding companies I may want to use.

So I found Wedding Paper Divas 

I love the different fonts and layouts they have.
I’m definitely leaning to cards for our save the dates.

sealed_style-save_the_date_postcards-jenny_romanski-black triumphant_ties-save_the_date_postcards-float_paperie-milk-neutral we_the_wed-signature_white_photo_save_the_date_cards-stacey_day-white

So far these are my favorites.
But we’ll have to see what kind of photography we have before actually choosing.

I love getting ideas – I may have too many.


*not my photos