my attempt at Christmas cards


I love my little Annabel.
I really tried to get her to pose nicely for Christmas cards.
But there is no way we’re gonna get a nice one out of her.
It’s too hard to get her to stay and be patient while I mess with the settings, colors etc. on my camera.
But I’ll enjoy having one. Maybe I’ll send one to my mom too – she’d love it.
(She has two pictures of Annabel on her fridge).





November Sum Up

wow, seriously – it’s December already?!

Got my own office at work

Marine Corps Ball

Danny’s new job and daytime hours (for now)

Thanksgiving with the family

Testing out new crafts

Finally beating Danny at fantasy football

Finding out Annabel loves the snow – I was so worried she wouldn’t

Decorating the house (inside and out) for Christmas

Having a four day weekend for Thanksgiving

Trying on wedding dress for the first time


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy your day!
I will be visiting my parents and celebrating my mom’s birthday.
(it’s my first Thanksgiving off in four years!)


I am thankful for:

Danny – which just stating him encompasses so many things I’m thankful for
including how much he spoils me

My wonderful parents who help me so much even though now I’m completely out on my own



My sweet puppy Annabel

My job

My health-although it’s not perfect it’s a hell of a lot better than other peoples’ 

For my education 

Appliances – having a washer and dryer at home 

Getting to live in a nice big house in a safe neighborhood

Having a brand new reliable car


my weekend

Over the weekend Danny and I ran errands.
We had a very successful trip to GoodWill.


And I love our new rocking chair.

photo 3
[He’s waiting for me to pull the car around]

We went out with our friends to Granite City – a new bar/restaurant.

photo 1

We also had Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house.
I’m really glad Danny got to go; and that he gets along with my family very well.

photo 5

And of course Sunday was football day.

photo 4

My mom got me a bunch of bridal magazines some new and some old from people she knows.
She also got me a wedding planner/binder.


It was a good weekend.