Key West: Part Two


 Saturday we went to the beach again.

DSC_0120ed DSC_0156ed DSC_0190ed

Then we went back to the hotel and relaxed. We got pizza and watched Law & Order: SVU.

That night we went on a ghost tour. It was great to hear all the different stories of Key West and to see the place at night.
Danny and I decided to forgo the taxi back to the hotel and we ended up walking three miles back.
It was a bad decision. But at the same time it was cool to walk all through Key West, not just the tourist areas.


 Sunday was our last day. So we got up and went to the beach one last time.

DSC_0171ed DSC_0175ed

And afterwards we relaxed and went to bed early since we had to be up at 1am to leave.

We drove four hours to the airport and took two flights home.
We flew through the severe storms that hit the south and it was bad turbulence.
I was 100% convinced we were going to die and that I broke Danny’s hand.

DSC_0059ed DSC_0139ed DSC_0177ed PicMonkey Collage2

It felt so good to finally get home.
We were exhausted and so happy to see Annabel.



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