Personal Goal

A couple of weeks ago I created a personal goal. One that may sound a bit strange but my goal is to dress up more. And when I say “dress up” I don’t necessarily mean get all fancy and what not. I mean no longer am I allowed to roll out of bed and wear a t-shirt and a hoodie to work. There is not much of a dress code at my job. I just can’t wear skulls or swear words – common sense. I do have to dress up when I’m attending a meeting at the corporate office. But when I’m at my own building/office it’s whatever. I have noticed though that on days where I make more of an effort – I do my hair nice and pick out an outfit that’s a bit more upscale than a t-shirt – I feel better. It helps me to be in a better mood and with spring showing itself as well my happiness has been increasing lately. I think that if I stick with this goal to dress up more it will also help me to get back to being used to getting up early. I’ve been hitting my snooze button numerous times; to the point where I literally have no time to do anything but roll out of bed.

So cheers to this new/random/weird goal!


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