5 year diary update

So, I originally had this post. It is my five year journal/diary .. whichever term you prefer. I caved and bought it in time to start it exactly on January 1st of this year. My goal was to truly stick to this journal everyday. I don’t necessarily write every night, but I do make sure my entry is done the next day. I keep the little guy in my purse – just in case. (I’m a huge just in case person).

I am really enjoying this new hobby/goal. There’s only a few lines under each date so I can only write the most important events or just simply cut to the chase. This journal is making me long for my past journaling days. I started writing in a journal super young and I didn’t stop until I was 22 years old. And then I burned them; burned them all. It was cathartic. It didn’t feel like I had a huge secret hiding in my cedar chest in the closet. There were so many journals. I spent so much time and money on all of them and I absolutely loved doing it. Their presence became a burden though. So many secrets or thoughts that were private that I did not ever want to share with the world or my family or friends or future husband. The thoughts and ideas and feelings were mine. 

Now a part of me misses writing things down in a journal. A part of me misses that way of documenting memories. Now that I have Project Life I can take scrapbooking more seriously and document things there, but I miss the feel of writing; the feeling of pen to paper.

For now my five year journal is filling that void. I know that the next five years will be big ones – getting married – starting a family? It will be nice to see how things have changed all in one little book that contains so much time.

So I guess what I’m trying to say through all this rambling is that I totally recommend it!


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