I’ve been absent from this blog .. again. I’ve only been gone a week or so. So I’ve updated with a new layout just to changes things up and get myself back into the game.

Thanks to those of you who have nominated me for the Leibster Award and sorry that  I did not follow through on any of the rules/nominating of others.

Lately I’ve been keeping up with my 2014 reading goal and I have surpassed it. At first 14 books seemed like a lot, but I guess when you’re not in school constantly reading for class you have a lot more time to read other things. I should have upped my goal to 50! (I’m currently on number 18!) Hopefully I can continue to share the books I’ve read so that if others see the posts they can discover new books to read, because who doesn’t love that!?

Wedding planning is still in full affect and I am currently torn about where to actually get married. The reception hall is booked but there is still nowhere for our ceremony. Part of that is due to the fact that Christen churches around us want a ridiculous amount of money to have a ceremony there. (We’re talking almost $1000! – not worth it to me) So we’re looking into Catholic churches (I was baptized and raised Catholic). So now we need to think about if we want to do the classes required and blah blah blah.

We’re fighting our way out of the last bit of winter, and it is a rough battle. Just when you think it’s over, it comes back.

My job was up in the air for some time due to major changes but as of right now all is well and I’m so thankful to be employed.

My finances and whatnot are going well. It is one of my 25 by 25 to save money (for the wedding and school loans). I am quite proud of myself.

So, thank you to those who are continuing to read/follow my blog. If any of you exist …



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