Lie Down in Darkness

So, this book.


I’ve tried reading it before a few years ago and couldn’t get past the first twenty pages.

But this time I’ve succeeded. I won’t lie, there was some skimming done.

Lie Down in Darkness follows a southern family who is all kinds of messed up.
The father, Milton, is a cheater, a drunk and physically attracted to his youngest daughter.
Helen, the mother, is mentally disturbed by her husband’s affair, her eldest daughter’s health and her hatred towards Peyton.
Peyton is the receiver of her father’s lust. She is also a drunk and has other problems of her own.

I think I was supposed to feel sorry for Helen. But she just pissed me off.
Every family member did actually, except for the crippled daughter.

This book is a ‘classic’ and won multiple awards.
But it does not get my vote.

The story goes from character to character which is completely fine with me, but it begins in the future
then goes back in time to explain how the story ended up there.
I’m coming to realize I hate books like that.
I like finding things out in a forward progression.
(Maybe that’s why I’m so into mystery and crime stories).

I would recommend it if you have read other books by William Styron.
After searching the internet he seems to be very well liked by many people.

It just wasn’t for me though.

Not to mention it went 51 pages without a paragraph break.


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