I hate when Danny has drill, but those are the weekends that I can do what I want and get stuff done that he wouldn’t want to do or usually we have plans when he’s home.

Before he left we had a little date night at Applebees.


Then came home and we rolled change for our wedding. Yeah that sounds totally cheap but it works. And it started with us just throwing our change in a box and realizing that each time we counted it we were getting at least $50. So we started rolling it and depositing it into our bank account. At first I was thinking that it wouldn’t make a big difference, but at this rate it could get us a couple hundred dollars for the wedding.


I started my fourteenth book this year!!! (Pride and Prejudice) Which means once I’ve finished it I hit my goal. I had no idea that I would hit it this fast! I’m thinking about raising it but I may just go with the flow.

I ran errands and was able to pick out a new swim suit for vacation. I’m sure my other two fit but the fact that I have had them for at least two years I talked myself into getting another one – it was hard to convince me.

I also did the typical cleaning and laundry and hanging out with Annabel.

IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1896

My mom also came over. We’re throwing my cousin a bridal shower in May so we worked on her invites.

I ordered a bunch of favor bags for our wedding and started stamping them.


I did some work on our engagement mini book and a Project Life spread. At the rate I’m going I may need to split 2014 into two albums!

Danny got home at a decent time on Sunday so we got to hang out. I was so happy to see him.

And we turned the clocks forward an hour – more daylight! I love it!

Cheers to a new week – hopefully it goes by quick!



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