24 years old

Today I am 24 years old.

It feels like just yesterday I was 16-I was graduating high school-I was starting college.

When you’re young, 24 years old seems so … old.
I do not feel completely like an adult and at the same time I feel like life is going too quickly.

My life has changed so much and I have become a different person.
I have grown into the person that I am today and I believe that I am fully changed into
the person I am meant to be.

I have started my career and my life separate from my parents.
I have begun my own family with my own traditions.
I have created my own routine, established goals and plans.


And speaking of goals and plans …
I will set a goal of doing 25 things before I turn 25 … (holy shit! 25 is next!)

1. Start running again.

2. Read at least 14 books for 2014.

3. Book a wedding hall.

4. Create ‘love’ bookshelf with Danny for Valentine’s Day.

5. Take more art photographs.

6. Create a large black and white photo for living room wall space.

7. Save money!

8. Continue with my 5 year diary – every day.

9. Get table decorations for wedding reception.

10. Pay off a certain amount of student loans.

11. Create more Project Life spreads.

12. Take Annabel on a hike.

13. Paint pots.

14. Don’t let Danny’s absence get me down.

15. Get a wedding dress – at least pick it out.

16. Complete Danny’s wedding gift. (super excited for this)

17. Finish our first home mini book.

18. Make a summer mini book.

19. Stop biting my nails.

20. Buy a new couch.

21. Grow out hair for wedding.

22. Try something new.

23. Find a church.

24. Get custom rubber stamp for Danny and I

25. Enjoy life.


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