pom poms

These were a little experiment.
My mother wants to decorate a wedding shower that we’re throwing with these.


It was a little more difficult than it looks.
There is a lot of fluffing involved.

The more tissue paper sheets you use the thicker the pom pom.

I forget how many I used for the yellow but it less than the rainbow one which was eight.
1. line up the tissue paper and fold them like an accordion.
2. take string or wire and tie it in the middle of the tissue paper.
3. If you like, you can curve the edges of the paper or cut them into points.
(it looks better than leaving them)

4. pull the tissue papers open like a fan.
5. pull the tissue papers apart one at a time, carefully.

And then do a ton of fluffing until it looks the way you want it.
Just tie a long string or wire or whatever you like in the middle to hang them with.
When I hung them up I made sure the best looking side was facing out.
These were just a bit of practice but I’m probably going to use them as decorations for my small birthday get together.

(sorry for the crappy photos – phone camera)


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