yarn jars

Okay, so they’re not actually jars. They’re the glass from a chandelier. I broke one of them so now there’s no enough for the lamp so I figured I’d reuse them for something else. I’ve seen this done with twine and yarn. I went with yarn because that’s what I had. It was a bit more difficult than it looks and my first one didn’t turn out as awesome as I had hoped. I covered the glass with mod-podge and wrapped the yarn around. I waited for the mod-podge to dry before I touched it or moved it around.

The second one I made I decided to not go as far up with the yarn.
That wavy-ness at the top made it a bit difficult.

IMG_1679  IMG_1681

IMG_1682 IMG_1714

So now the black and white one is a pen holder at work for me and I plan
on making one more with the yarn at the same height as the purple one.


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