Love Bookshelf

I’ve seriously been looking forward to making this bookshelf for months. And since Danny and I don’t really have any Valentine’s Day plans (he is working) I figured we could do a project together!

DSC_0019 photo (9)

It took us two different days to put it together.
Not because of difficulty, we were just busy.

And we even had to move inside eventually because even though we were in the garage it was
below zero and way too cold for me to be able to be out there and help.

photo 1

(Had to use my photo timer app for this ^)

photo 3

And here is the somewhat finished project.
We still have to paint it.
We’re going to paint it white to go with our bedroom.


I can’t wait to finish it and finally get to decorate it and use it!
I’ll have an update once that happens.
Danny is the best 🙂

photo 4

And of course sweet Annabel spent time with us.

p.s. happy valentine’s day!
remember it’s not just for couples, but for celebrating any one of your loved ones – parents, friends, children etc.


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