Wedding Wednesday: Reception Venue

Danny and I will be getting married on October 31, 2015. So, yes, I know it’s early to be doing all this planning. But I really, really wanted to make sure we found something that was open on Halloween. Danny will be gone for a few months this year so I really wanted to get this done before he left. So we went and looked at a hall and it just so happens that I absolutely loved it! The price was right as well and so were all the options, assistance and extras provided to us.


This first photo is what you would first see when you walk in.
If we decide to have our ceremony here (which I highly doubt), this will be where we would stand.


This is another view from the entrance.
That window is where the bridal party table will be.


That is the bar. The wooden doors on the left side of it also open.
The woman wrote ‘heavy drinkers’ on her notes for our reception. HA!


This is another view of where the bridal party table would be.
At first I was thinking that we would only have Danny and I at it, but it’s such
a beautiful window and a large space that I may have everyone sit with us.


And that is looking out of the entrance.
And my mother photo-bombing.

We have our choice of table cloth covers and napkins.
And they are not strict on decorations.
I think this is a great decision and that we won’t have any complaints. (hopefully).

I don’t know if I want to say that it’s a relief because it’s not like it’s the last minute,
but I’m so happy that this part is out of the way and that the date I really wanted is set.
Danny is the best and is spoiling me with the decision making.

This is becoming real. This is awesome.


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