bathroom renovation!!!

I am so excited that we got this done. The bathroom before was just simply old, out dated and ugly.
And now the bathroom is prettier and bigger.
We had the closet removed so that we could add a larger vanity with two sinks.
Danny and I are on opposite shifts so it’s very rare that we are getting ready at the same time and
need two sinks, but it looks nice and it’s a good item for re-sale.
And I love having two mirrors like that.


We tiled in the shower which made that larger as well.
I love having that built in shelf.


We re-did the floor and got a new toilet, mirrors and light fixture.
And of course it got a paint job and new accessories.

The only thing Danny and I did ourselves was putting the corner shelves up.

It was so much fun getting to pick everything out.
The tile and accent pieces and vanity and mirrors and everything!
It was hard to imagine it all together though.
I was so worried about it all matching, but in reality it just has to go.


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