wonderful, wonderful wednesday


It started with a massive snow storm. I get paid by the hour to calling off is not a good thing. Well on the way to work (a 40 minute drive) I get stuck on the side of the highway. Luckily I’m okay and so is my car and a state trooper showed up quickly to help push me out. After that I just turned around and went home, called off – loosing money. On top of loosing money for calling off, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. I have never broken a phone before, never gotten one wet etc. As of right now it is sitting in a bowl of rice (I’m not sure if that really works). Also as of right now I cannot make any phone calls because the speaker is shot. So unless rice works miracles, I’m going to have to buy a new phone. I haven’t even had this one for a year … I wonder if it is covered under any warranty? That would be terrific. I at least get to sit at home all day and read and hang out with Annabel. I am just not a happy camper.


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