summer mini book

Yes, I’ve already started putting together my mini album for summer.

I’m so anxious for it to start! I need sunshine and warm weather.
Danny will be gone this summer so I plan on spending a lot of time with Annabel, friends and family –
and this is how I plan on documenting it.


I’m going with a 4×6 size for this book (or 6×4 – whatever).
And 3 inch rings.
The rings are way too large for now, but I’m hoping I’ll add enough pages, memorabilia etc to make them work.
I plan on filling this up with memories from June-August.
Maybe with a little leeway if something happens in May or September.

I’m using small printable calendars that you can use for Project Life to document the month the pages
are from. They’re like little book marks.


The first page is a quote from The Great Gatsby and it is basically an introduction page
that will be detailing what’s going on with me at the beginning of the summer.


I used some paper I already had on hand but also used this book as an excuse to buy some more.

DSC_0017 DSC_0018

I can’t wait for summer. I am so fed up with this winter weather.



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