…Was a good day, even though we were snowed in. Danny and I finally got to spend some time together in the morning when he got home from work and we caught up on one of our shows – American Horror Story. The rest of the day was spent watching good television shows for hours, reading, napping with Annabel and drinking hot chocolate. And of course Annabel made it outside to play in the snow. Usually every Saturday I’m up and cleaning non-stop/running errands. It was nice to not have to do any of that.

photos from the last few days … 

photo 1

This is Annabel’s “there’s no way I’m getting out of bed” face.

photo 2

I wrote Danny a little love note and put it in his lunch for work.

photo 3

I started my summer mini book. (I”ll have another post later on).

photo 4

Annabel napped on me like this Friday night.

photo 5


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