Day: January 21, 2014

Society 6

Hello! Just wanted to mention that I have joined Society 6!

A website for artists, photographers … what have you.

I have listed many of my photos on that site for sale as either prints, mugs, t-shirts, canvas bags etc.

It’s a great place to check out gifts for people or maybe a little something special for yourself.

They have all kinds of items and all kinds of art work.

Here is the link to my work –

I have just joined it so over the next couple days – week I will be adding a bunch more photos.

I’m sure I’ll update on here about it as well.


more changes!

There are so many updates happening at once in our home.

It’s a little overwhelming but exciting at the same time.


This is our back yard currently.
Before this there was a glass enclosed porch.
The tarp on the left is covering up the hot tub which will also be going.
We will have new french doors and of course the wall will not remain that way.

The tarp is new to the hot tub (before it was protected by the porch).
Annabel decided to steal the tarp and run around with it in the back yard.
The tarp is huge! And I had a hard time putting it back on the hot tub – which she just removed again!

photo (1)