Day: January 20, 2014

phone photos/weekend

This weekend was yet another busy weekend. We had a family function on Saturday and my mom came to visit on Sunday. In between all that we ran a bunch of errands (it seems like we’re always shopping) and cleaned the house like crazy. Everything is so dusty from the renovations going on! I made a successful dinner Sunday night – seafood pasta. We also made a pit stop to Good Will on Saturday night and we got some wine glasses and mugs to add to our bar cart.

Danny bought school supplies this weekend-he starts tomorrow.
I was jealous so I picked up an Anthropology book.

photo 1

Danny & Annabel napped a lot.

photo 2

The beast is getting huge!

photo 3

I added some art work around the house.
Free wall art printables – gotta love them!

photo 4

This is Danny’s first day of school picture – because I won’t see him on the actual day.

photo 5