Photo Book

This is the second 8×8 photo book that I’ve gotten from Shutterfly. The first one also features my favorite photos spanning from 2011-2012.This is definitely something I want to do every year. Of course I have all my photos saved and backed up but this is a good way to display them at home – without taking up a ton of space and without worrying about the photos fading and whatnot in a regular album. When I was putting this book together I was extremely disappointed that I had a hard time filling up the pages. Not because I couldn’t decide but because what I had to choose from was very slim. I was extremely disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures. I will not let that happen again. Life was quite busy last year with graduating and working full time but I’m making a promise to myself to go on more photography adventures.

The album is 20 pages double sided and you can choose from all types of layouts.
My last book the page colors were black as well as the back cover.

This time I went with white and a tan color for the booklet.


I always have a cover page of some type.


And a picture of me at the very end.


My sister’s photo shoot made it in.


And of course the cover is of Miss Annabel.


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