weekend recap

Danny had to work this weekend which was lame and the fact that he works nights makes it worse. But I was able to get ea lot done around the house. Did the usual grocery shopping and laundry and I did a lot more cleaning around the house. Annabel and I spent a lot of time together since it was just us girls. My parents came over on Saturday to just hang out and play with the pup. (Everyone loves her). Sunday I put together a crock pot meal and watched a Law and Order: SVU marathon (which was what I also had on on Saturday – who can resist?!). I also put away the Christmas decorations. I didn’t really want to get rid of the tree but I had time today. The outdoor lights are still up though. I really don’t want to brave the cold to take them down. I decided to keep the furniture layout we had in our living room for the tree. I moved a table but now there is plenty of room for playing with Annabel and more open space on our rug for her to lay down. The laminate floor is too hard and slippery for her.
For some reason now the house seems bare without all the Christmas stuff. I’m hoping to get some more photos/frames put on tables soon.

It was a nice weekend spent around the house – those are my absolute favorite!


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