December Daily: Days 4-7

Day 4: Typical night at home.
Danny and I hung out after work and
him and Annabel had their typical play session.
I swear she waits all day for him to come home and play with her.
As soon as he walks through the door she brings one of her toys to him.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

I used scrap book paper, card stock, and a number four sticker.
Simple layout with two 2×2 photos edited with A Beautiful Mess app.

Day 5: The fifth wasn’t a very exciting day.
I was sick from the crazy weather change. (It hit 60 degrees the day before!)
So Danny went and picked us up some Panera Bread – one of my favorites!
And we spent the evening in.
He had the day off and signed up for classes – he’s going back to college in January!


I used scrap book paper and card stock. A stamp for the date and a little star embellishment.

Day 6: Still sick! To the point of taking DayQuil as much as possible.
I didn’t feel like doing any journaling, because I’d have nothing to say aside from complaining about being sick.
So the 6th just got a little card.


Day 7: I got a ton of Christmas shopping done and later that night
I hung out with my girlfriends from school.



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