new craft challenge: December Daily

So December Daily is a mini photo album that documents the first 25 days of December.
Like 25 days of Christmas.
So photograph your everyday life and add it to a photo album. Any layout/size you like.
(And obviously you can do all 31 days if you like instead).
Not everyday needs a photo either.
I’ve seen just journal with ticket stubs and other memorabilia.

This idea comes from Ali Edwards.
Here are the links for more information.
And where you can get supplies specifically for this project.

I’m hoping I can manage this and get all the way through.
I feel like I have so many supplies that I won’t have to go out and buy anything (except developing/printing photos).

It seems like people who participate in this make their album of 25 pages ahead of time.
But I’m a little behind so I’ll be doing it all at once.
I’ll be sharing every once in awhile – depending on how well I can keep up with this.
I think it sounds really fun and I’m excited to give it a try.
The biggest challenge, for me, will be to find something to document everyday.
This would be an awesome idea for say a stay at home mom-who is probably taking all kinds of pictures and has a bit more freedom than I do when it comes to venturing out into the world. (I’m stuck in a windowless office for eight hours everyday).

So here’s an introduction into my book.


This is the cover, I wrapped it with gift wrap just like a present.
Then I added the number chip pieces.


This is the title page. Just added some washi tape to white paper.
The used some Project Life 4×3 cut outs.
On the back of that title page I added a bit of journaling about the project and about Danny and I currently.


For page/day one I used two 4×4 slots from Project Life, another chip board number and a journaling card for Project life.

I added more photos to the back of them.
I still have yet to decide how I’m going to decorate the back of the book. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wrap it like the front.

I’ll share that aspect when I figure it out though.
I’m not sure how I plan on sharing my progress just yet.
Maybe once a week? We’ll see.
And sorry for the crappy photos. – I’ll have to use my slr next time.



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