Day: November 26, 2013


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it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Over the weekend Danny and I decorated for Christmas.

(Kind of early – I’ve never done it before Thanksgiving).

But I was really excited that I talked him into getting outdoor lights.
We went to Walmart and I managed to get him to look at all the decorations and he caved.

photo 2

Not that he doesn’t like Christmas – he loves it. He just didn’t want to get up on the roof and do the lights.
So we just stuck to the porch post and the front bushes.

DSC_0003ed  DSC_0024


We had to do some rearranging for the Christmas tree to fit in front of the window but it’s working.

DSC_0032ed  DSC_0034ed

DSC_0051 DSC_0052

Annabel even enjoyed it a bit.

DSC_0036ed DSC_0039ed

DSC_0054 DSC_0055

We had to have some of the lights on the ground – oh well. It’s our first time.


We’ve got some lights inside as well.

DSC_0006  DSC_0022

And our thrown together center piece that I really like.