Day: November 22, 2013

One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus

I just recently finished this book.
I came across it while browsing Target – it is newer and I hadn’t heard of it.


This story is brought about by an actual historical event.
In 1874 the Cheyenne chief travels to Washington D.C. and requests from the President (Ulysses S. Grant) one thousand white women in exchange for one thousand horses.
Grant turned him down.

In this novel, Grant says yes.

The novel is comprised of “journals” from May Dodd who volunteers to be taken out west to live with the Cheyennes
and become a wife/mother.
Dodd chooses this life style over her current situation-living in an insane asylum.

The journals follow her travels with the Indians and other women who have joined in this program to assimilate the Indians.

I would definitely recommend this book.
Especially if you like historical fiction-strong women-Indian culture.

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