what’s in my purse?

I have seen these posts done before – like everywhere.

So here goes mine.

Right now I’m using a Merona purse that I got from Target – on clearance of course.
I have a ton of purses, they’re kind of my weakness. But I always have to make sure that my ‘usuals’ will fit. So my purses are fairly large in size unless I purchase a clutch/small bag for a special occasion.


I always have my wallet of course – and my small bag for medicine.


On top of multiple lip gloss, lipstick and chap stick-Lotion. Eye drops.


I always aim for a purse that a book will fit in.
Along with my planner and notebook (since I am a list fanatic).


Pens of course – headphones – work badge.


Gum, mints and usually candy – a necessity.
Most of the time I also have some sort of snack in there during the week for work.

And that is my purse for you. I wish I could say I have my camera in there all the time.
But there’s no time for it during the work week.


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